Here's how you can see your Phone's Screen on your PC

This article will tell you how you can Chromecast Android Phone to your PC without buying the Chromecast device for you.
Most of use our Data cable or wireless connection to transfer your data in the PC. But do you know how you can Chromecast Android Phone in the PC’s Monitor. You may be thinking about the use of this idea. This idea is a very simple & entertaining idea for any reason like watching the movie or playing game.

Chromecast Android Phone

There could be many application for it. Now the most important question comes in mind but how?. I am going to write the method for this.


This app let you send the data of your phone to the desktop computers. This app was designed for nexus phone but the app works perfectly fine with many other phones too. Now the team has decided to develop the app for common android phones. This app will show your phone’s screen on the monitor with H.264 format.
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This app is still a good option for the Chromecast, as you can show it to someone who has no serious needs for using the feature.

Mirror Beta

This app is in beta version developed by an Indian. You need to root your phone on Kitkat. First of all you need to install the PC version for the app & mobile version of this app. The name of these apps are AllCast Receiver & Mirror App.

Chromecast Android Phone
Chromecast Android Phone

The app will be started & you need to configure the settings of the app. After the configuration is done, phone’s screen will be displayed on your PC. App’s Watermark will be displayed on the screen while using it. As the app is in beta version you can use it with the sign of watermark.


Now a popular option is Chromecast. Basically it is a dongle that used to connect your PC or TV with your phone. Phone & PC must be connected to same Wi-Fi network.
This device works perfect with the kitkat 4.4.2 & lollipop. The older versions are also supporting the same device with no problem if the android phones is a nexus project.
Using this this is simpler than the method explained above. You just have to download the chromecast app & start the app. Ignore the warning shown on the screen. Now you can mirror your screen in any mode like Landscape or portrait mode. You can play YouTube videos & play a game in it.
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