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Armpits Whitening can be done using home remedies. This can be done using potato, Aloe Vera, Baking Soda, Cucumbers and Turmeric mask.

It is during summer time when women like to dress up and show their skins. There is certainly nothing wrong in that – as more clothes mean more heat and more sweating. Hence, we as women love to wear thin light clothes like sleeveless shirts and dresses. However, there is one problem that women do suffer from (apart from the many other natural ones) – it is black underarms. Thus the article is going to be helpful and provide information on – how to clean underarms blackness. If you are a woman and understand the exact problem we are elaborating one – then give this article a good read!

What makes your underarms dark?

Before we delve further into this topic and understand how to clean underarms blackness, let us know why underarms are dark.

It is a fact that the underarms should be the right color as the rest of the body. However, this is not so with most women. There is nothing really to worry about and dark underarms are not a severe condition. However, in summers women like to dress less and that means revealing dark underarms!

Black underarms

As per many experts darkening of underarms usually happens due to a condition called acanthosis nigricans. This leads the skin to become quite thick and dark. Hence, we are going to stress on how to clean underarms blackness.

Some home remedy for whitening underarms fast

Many people question how to lighten underarms naturally at home, to which there are many secrets that one can lay down:

Potato for whitening underarms

Potatoes are said to be very good for underarms and helps to clean underarms blackness. One needs to peel the potato and grate it. Once that it done, use the grated potato on the underarms and leave it there for a couple of minutes.


Potatoes are said to do wonders as they are a natural bleach and anti-irritant. Apart from whitening the underarms potatoes also do away with patches and the itchiness which arise.

Apply apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar

This vinegar helps to clean underarm blackness and is a perfect home remedy. Apple cider is women’s best friend in terms of whitening the skin. This is so helpful because it contains amino and lactic acid. These help to do away with dead cells and makes the area whiter..

Aloe vera gel

aloe vera
aloe vera

One is also suggested to apply aloe vera gel to clean underarms blackness. This gel helps in soothing the skin and removing inflammation. One should try using the natural get from the plants itself rather than the packed gels. Take some gel out of the plant and put it on your underarms for a couple of minutes. Doing this everyday will undoubtedly give results and make your underarms whiter!

Baking soda and lemon

This is a very effective way to clean underarms blackness. Baking soda has the capacity to clean pores and make the skin shine. Lemon is a bleaching agent which makes the skin look fairer in just a matter of days. Hence, one should combine the two and apply on the underarms.



Cucumbers are very essential to clean underarms blackness. They are rich not only in bleaching properties but also vitamins and minerals. One should just take some cucumber slices and rub it on the underarms. Keep this for about 10 minutes and find instant results. We all know that cucumbers are cooling and provide one with healing properties.

Honey to lighten armpits

Honey and lemon are a good source of whitening the underarms. Apply a certain mask made of lemon and honey on your underarms. The combination of two helps make the skin whiter, smoother and way softer. So, yes summers are coming! All you need is some honey and lemon

Turmeric mask


A perfect remedy to clean underarms blackness is to mix some turmeric with coconut oil and apply this mixture on to the underarms. Once this mixture has remained for a couple of minutes use a wet towel and rub it off. One should also rinse this with water. The solution combined with coconut oil and turmeric shows instant results and works wonders!

Egg oil

Egg oil is said to be good for whitening the underarms as it contains omega 3 – this will only help to increase new skin cells and make the darker area whiter and smoother. One can apply egg oil at night before sleeping and rinse it off the next day. These showcase immediate and effective results!

Does waxing lighten armpits?

waxing armpits
waxing armpits

Many people question whether waxing can help get rid of dark underarms. The answer to this question is – Yes! One of the major reasons behind dark underarms is when people shave and remove other hair removal creams. Waxing no doubts hurts, but it also takes out the hair from the root itself – thus making it appear fairer right then and there. Keep waxing when the hair grows and one will find the tan and blackness fading away with time. Hence if you have an option to wax, shave or use any other chemical compounds – make sure to always choose waxing, even though it may hurt a lot!


Thus, at the end of it we have laid down several natural ways to clean underarms blackness. The above home remedies are highly effective, affordable and can be easily found. However, do keep in mind that the above may take time for some people, while for some the underarms may become whiter overnight itself. It does depend on how much of shaving and other hair removal products have been applied. Hence, we suggest one to only and only wax – especially the underarms. Waxing as mentioned earlier does help to remove the patchy dark skin and makes the underarm whiter and smoother. Thus, we hope this article makes you realize the consequences of shaving and using other harsh chemicals on your skin

Waxing is the best way to remove hair, it tends to remove the tan and all the dead skin that is formed on the layers. Hence, say no to shaving and yes to waxing!

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