Fenugreek for men | Testosterone dosage, Diabetes & lowering cholesterol


Hormonal imbalance is very common today, and some men may find themselves with a low testosterone level, and to overcome that hormonal imbalance – it has become very popular for men to eat fenugreek. This article is going to focus on the prevalent hormonal imbalance and – fenugreek for men. This is not a situation one should be embarrassed about as it runs both ways. There may be times when women are running high on the male hormone just as how men may run high on the female one!

What is fenugreek


Before we delve further into fenugreek for men, it is important to understand what fenugreek is. This is basically a herb which is similar to clover. The seeds of fenugreek are commonly used for cooking, to take medicine and for other ailments as well. In fact, fenugreek seeds as said to taste like maple syrup, and are eaten in India as a vegetable! These seeds are very good for one’s health. However, we are going to focus on fenugreek for women, and how they help to increase the testosterone levels!

Benefits of fenugreek for men

Helps to increase the testosterone levels/fenugreek testosterone

One of the many major reasons as to why men intake fenugreek is to do away with the hormonal balance and increase the testosterone levels and to enhance the libido as well. There has been much study and research that has proved that by eating fenugreek many male beings of the society has seen an increase in their male hormones!

Benefits of fenugreek seeds

Good for the skin

Acne Bump

Fenugreek for men will not be the only focus of this article. Fenugreek seeds are very good for the skin. This is mainly because the can remove signs of aging and make the face look younger.  Yes, if one eats fenugreek seeds every day they will looker younger and have a way more beautiful skin!

Helps to cure acne


Not only does fenugreek seeds make your skin glow and shine, but it also helps to remove acne and pimples from the skin.  This mainly functions because these seeds are anti-inflammatory and contain antibacterial properties!

Fenugreek and hibiscus for hair

If one wants beautiful, shiny hair then they should eat a lot of fenugreek, as it makes the hair stronger and also promotes growth of the hair. Thus, fenugreek for men is not the only thing this herb can do! It can also make your skin and hair glow!

Fights dandruff


Dandruff is very common and usually takes place in winters. All one needs to do is use fenugreek / methi seeds on the scalp. Once this is done regularly, one will see the instant result and be devoid of the very itchy dandruff.

Fenugreek soaked water for diabetes

Fenugreek seeds are very good for people who are diabetic and thus those people should include methi seeds in their everyday diet. By doing so, only good things will happen and people who are diabetic will find themselves healthy and easy to recover!

Prevents heart attack

Heart Disease
Heart Disease

Fenugreek for men is not the only focus of this article. These seeds are very good for the cardiovascular health.  These seeds are good to prevent the heart from suffering from any form of damage. Thus, if one desires to live a happy and healthy life – then make fenugreek a part of it!

Improves breast milk production

In Asia, it is very common for women to use fenugreek seeds to enhance the breast milk production. Hence, being pregnant or not it is good for everyone!

Fenugreek for lowering cholesterol

These are very helpful in reducing the bad cholesterol. This works mainly because they contain a flavonoid that lowers the very high lipid levels.

Good for digestion

good for digestion
good for digestion

If one is suffering from irritable bowels, constipation or just a mild stomach upset – then they should eat lots of fenugreek seeds as it will help one to have a proper digestive system and a good metabolic rate

Helps in weight loss

weight loss

Many people are fat and obese and do not know what diet they should follow. Hence, if you are fat or obese person and are looking to lose weight – then adding fenugreek seeds to your diet can be very healthy and good! Thus, if you are seeking for fast and instant weight loss, then much on those fenugreek seeds and lead a healthy life.

Improves kidney function

Thus, if you are someone who drinks a lot of alcohol and follows a very unhealthy lifestyle then it becomes necessary to eat fenugreek and look after your body parts properly. Fenugreek seeds, be it for any form of ailment/ infection/ disorder or disease – it will only benefit you!

Protects liver


Hence, as mentioned earlier if one suffers from a bad and healthy lifestyle and drinks too much alcohol, then it is very useful to eat fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek seeds can act as a detoxifier and are very effective in controlling the bad impact that alcohol has on the liver. Hence, it is time to change your lifestyle and live healthy. If one wants to do so, then there should be a change in the diet and one of the many things to do is add fenugreek to your everyday diet!

Fenugreek sprouts side effects

Even though this article focuses on many things such as fenugreek for men, benefits of eating fenugreek, one should also indulge in the side effects. Yes, not everything is rainbows and butterflies. There is also the negative impact of fenugreek.

Fenugreek capsules
Fenugreek capsules

Causes body odor, loose motions, not good to eat for women who are pregnant, can be unsafe for children, and fenugreek should not be combined with drugs!


In addition, we hope the article has been worthwhile and informative in telling one regarding the benefits of fenugreek. Apart from just the very popular benefits, one should also consider that fenugreek can be harmful as it can cause loose motions in children, and lead to bad body odor along with other things.

However, at the end of it, all fenugreek for men is very good to balance out the hormonal imbalance and helping one to lead a healthy and nice lifestyle! Fenugreek a day will definitely keep the doctor away!

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