How to get rid of acne bumps on face and have a clear skin

Beauty is everything. Not only women, but men have started looking after their skin and taking good care of it. Dust and pollution leads to one’s skin getting damaged and dry. There are many questions regarding skin care, but today our main focus is – How to get rid of acne bumps on face.

Acne scars and acne bumps are very common and arise due to many reasons. Hence, it is so important to take care of one’s skin. Acne is related to the skin and is a condition that causes spots and pimples. These pimples arise not only on one’s face but even shoulders, back, neck, chest and other places. Today, having a clear skin and looking beautiful is everything, and hence we are going to stress on how to do away with acne and achieving a smooth and soft skin.

acne bumps on face

Before we indulge further into this topic, let us understand why acne and scars happen. The very main reasons behind acne are hormonal imbalance, greasy cosmetics, medicines that contain androgen and lithium, emotional stress, and menstruation.

Now that we have covered what acne bumps are and why they occur, let us provide an answer to your question – How to get rid of acne bumps on face. Acne and pimples are very common and there are various ways to prevent them.

Ways to How to get rid of acne bumps on face

Keep your face clean

It is very important to keep one’s face clean and wash it twice with soap and water. This will help to do away with the oil and dead skin cells on one’s face. It has been suggested that washing your face more than two times might actually cause more harm, than benefit. Try avoiding a harsh soap – it may cause more irritation. After washing your face, make sure you use a clean towel to clean it!

Moisturize your skin

Acne can lead one’s skin to be very dry. Hence, one should always use a moisturizer that helps to do away with dryness and skin peeling. When looking for a moisturizer, look for one which says “noncomedogenic” – this means that it will not cause acne!

Try an over the counter acne product

These products don’t need a prescription. They contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and even lactic acid. These help in curbing bacteria and dry skin. In the beginning, they may lead to drying or peeling, but then one can adjust and figure out how much to apply. However, use these products carefully, especially if one has sensitive skin.

Don’t use much makeup

Moisturize your skin

When one is faced with acne bumps on the face and you ask how to get rid of acne bumps on face – then a very good answer to that would be, don’t use a lot of makeup, especially on days where your skin is faced with an acne outburst. However, if you do choose to wear makeup then choose the ones which say – noncomedogenic. This emphasizes that the product will not cause acne.

Use good products on your hair

Gels on your hair will lead to more acne on the face. It is suggested to use a good shampoo and conditioner. Having oily hair will only add to the oil on one’s face. It is good to wash your hair as often as you can – especially when there is a breakout on your face. Also, when faced with pimples, try to keep your hair away from your face!

Do not keep touching the acne

Do not keep touching the acne

One important thing is to keep your hands off your face. If you keep touching the acne, then the bacteria can spread and cause further irritation. Try not to pop pimples using your fingers as it can lead to infection and scarring

Try avoiding the sun

The sun contains ultraviolet rays that can increase inflammation and redness on the skin. It can lead to hyperpigmentation in short. Hence, it is suggested that one should not be in the sun for very long, especially between 10 am to 4 pm. Whether one has an acne outburst or not, wear a sunscreen with 6%zinc oxide and an SPF of 30 or higher. Again look for the term “noncomedogenic” on the sunscreen. It is also good to know about the product before putting it on your skin!

Watch what you eat

Junk Food

Make sure you eat well. Try avoiding junk and greasy food. Fill your stomach with fresh fruits and vegetables. What you eat also reflects on your skin, and hence it is very important to have a healthy diet. Dairy products and sugar may increase one’s chances of acne.


In order to avoid an acne outburst, it is also very important to exercise. When one exercises, then their skin becomes clean and leads to a healthy lifestyle. Exercising is very good for the skin and the body. However, while exercising make sure you do not use any equipment that rubs to your skin. This may cause irritation, and your skin to become oily and dirty. But, more importantly, exercise every day!

Do not take stress


It has been proven that people who take a lot of stress tend to get acne faster as compared to people who are chilled and flow easily with life. If one wants to avoid an outburst of acne, then chill! Go for a movie, meet your friends, and enjoy yourself! Do not take stress.


So above are ten ways to get rid of acne. We hope that your question – How to get rid of acne bumps on face has been answered, and you find the article handy and helpful. Remember keeping a healthy skin and a healthy body is very essential. It makes one feel good. Having a face full of acne will make you under-confident, and troubled. Hence, make sure you follow the above tips to get rid of acne bumps.

Go see a dermatologist if

In case nothing is working out – then it is best to go see your dermatologist. He/she will prescribe you with certain medications that will make your skin clean and healthy!

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