Various home remedies for sunburn and their instant result


Home remedies for sunburn and tan using Aloe vera, Vinegar, Green Tea and water.

Many people long for winters and hate it when they come to an end. Winters are warm, fuzzy, where one can hide their fat underneath all those layers of clothes.  Summers, on the other hand, are itchy and sweaty.  Summer is a time when one gets irritated easily and finds the need to chop their hair short. One of the major setbacks of summer and the heat is sunburn! Thus, we are going to shed light on – home remedies for sunburn and how to tackle summers.

Thus, there is no denying that people prefer winters. At least they do not get tanned and face sunburn skin discolouration. Therefore, we are going to lay focus on home remedies for sunburn


Home remedies for sunburn and tan

Apply aloe vera

aloe vera

Aloe vera gel is regarded as one of the best home remedies for sunburn. It contains properties that help to cool and make the skin feel fresh. Thus, if one is heading out into the sun – then aloe vera gel is recommended and it will cool your skin and keep it from burning or feeling itchy!

White vinegar

If one has sunburn on face or feet sunburn then they should totally apply this remedy.  White vinegar is the best way to go about as it aids in relieving pain and inflammation caused due to sunburn. Apart from that white vinegar also acts antiseptic.

Baking soda

baking soda
baking soda

The above works wonders because it helps to maintain the skin’s natural pH level. Thus, if one wants to support and balance this – then baking soda is the best remedy that one can apply. Take some baking soda and leave it on the skin. This will provide relief in a matter of days.

Green tea

One of the popular home remedies for sunburn is green tea. This is considered good because it contains polyphenols. This woks because these are anti-inflammatory. Thus, in order to function just take green tea leaves and put it in the fridge. Once, it is cooled apply it on the skin and see the difference instantly. One should do this everyday

Cool bath

To remove sunburn permanently damages skin, one should take a cool bath. Cold water is the best way to remove the heat from the body and feeling chilled. What one should do is fill up the bath with cold water, to help further apply baking soda to the bath. This works wonders because baking soda helps the skin to return to its natural pH levels.

Stay hydrated


One should keep themselves hydrated – as in sunny weather one can feel tired, fatigue and a heat stroke. Thus once one does step into such weather and gets tanned then make sure to drink lots of water, and beverages that do not have caffeine and alcohol


Good home remedies for sunburn is yogurt.  All one has to do is grab chilled yogurt from the fridge and apply it on the burn. Yogurts are very good and are chilled to soothe the burn. Even though yogurt doesn’t really contain any healing properties, the relief it provides from the burn and the heat is remarkable!

Chamomile tea

chamomile tea
chamomile tea

This tea can be seen as very helpful to the burned skin. One needs to brew the tea and let it cool. Once that is done then dip a cloth in it and make sure to damp it on the area that has been burnt/tanned. However a fair warning – if one is allergic to pollen then they shouldn’t use this treatment as it causes an allergic reaction on the skin.

Wear loose clothing

In summers one is suggested to wear clothing that doesn’t stick on to the skin. It is quite essential to let your skin breathe, and thus wearing loose clothes becomes so important.  So, if you’re going to face a hot summer, then make sure to pack some loose clothes, for you to be comfortable and be able to breathe!

Use a moisturizer

One of the home remedies for sunburn is to use a good moisturizer. This helps to soothe the skin and prevents it from becoming worse. Hence, one should ideally use a moisturizer for sensitive skin. To see instant results this should be applied daily.



This is a very good remedy and all one needs to do is wrap ice in a towel, and then apply it on the infected area. This will bring about immediate healing and will do away with the rash and itchiness. Make sure to not apply ice directly, but in a towel and then on the skin.


One of the very effective home remedies for sunburn is milk. What one should do is place a cloth in milk and then damp that cloth on the area that has been burned or tanned. This will be an effective way to remove sunburn and the tan

Coconut oil

coconut oil
coconut oil

This oil is seen as healing oil which removes the pain and the burns. It makes the skin better and freshens it up. Apart from all this coconut oil is good to remove wrinkles. Coconut oil makes the skin healthier and is very rich in Vitamin D and E. One should apply this oil everyday on the area that has been burned or tanned. One will find themselves surrounded by effective and instant results.

Apply sandalwood paste

Sandalwood is one of the best remedies to cure sunburn and tan. This is so because it contains many medicinal properties. It consists of anti ageing properties, reduces inflammation, the redness and the itchy feeling. In fact, it has been recommended that mixing sandalwood with cold water and applying it on the burnt area may give one very good results.


The above article is very useful as it has provided one with various home remedies that can be helpful in the summers, and that help to do away with a tan and sunburn. However, if the above remedies take time to show their result, it is necessary to be patient. Who said one couldn’t enjoy summers?! With the above home remedies anything and everything can happen

We hope this article was useful in providing ample information and helped one to cure their tan and sunburn.

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