How to save Instagram Photos in your Device

Facebook has acquired whatsapp & Instagram. You know everything about these two applications. Whatsapp is the mostly used messaging service in the mobile phones. Instagram is the application mostly used for the photo sharing.Most of us want to know about how a photo can be saved in our device for offline use. Read here to learn how to save Instagram photos.
Many of us have tried to download the photos that are displayed on our Instagram account. If you will read the article so as to know about about it then you will be able to download them . The download of photo can  be done in three ways. These methods are written in detail for the interested people.

Save Instagram Photos while uploading through mobile application

This one of the implicit way to save your photos from Instagram . The option is actually available in your mobile application. Open your mobile application. Go to app settings & click on right upper corner on the hamburger sign. Now you will see an option called Save original Photos. Enable this option & you will see a copy of photo i your device every time you will upload one.
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Save Instagram Photos without uploading.

The photos that are taken from our high quality camera & the photos which gets uploaded on instagram don’t have much difference in quality. The filters & editing options in the mobile app is very goog as compared to the other editing app. If you want to use the instagram app as a photo editor , then you must follow this method. With this method you don’t need to upload your photo.

  • First of all you must have enabled the option “Save original Photos” as instructed before.
  •  Now click the photo you want from it & apply the editing filters you like to add.
  • Now turn on the airplane mode from off to on.
  • Now back to your instagram app & click to upload the photo from the device. As the internet connection is not active , the photo will not be uploaded from the mobile , but a copy will be saved in the mobile’s internal storage.

Save Instagram photos while using desktop.

This method is a little tricky one for those who don’t know much about the browser options. Here what you have to do is little bit more trickier than other things. You have to give a right click on the photo which you want to save. Now click on the inspect element option from it. A side window will appear in the right side of the browser. This will provide you the html tag. Copy the tag in the notepad file. Erase everything except the line from “http;// to .jpg”. Now copy this code & paste on the address bar of the browser . The image will be shown in the browser. Righr click on the image & click save as to save the image in your computer.

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