How your Ubuntu desktop can look like a Windows – UKUI Desktop

This article is written to tell you how you can convert Ubuntu Linux 17.04 to Windows. You can change the look of Ubuntu 17.04 by using UKUI Desktop application.Read the full article for more information

Change Ubuntu Look using UKUI Desktop – Linux Desktop Environment

UKUI is desktop environment that is made for Ubuntu Kylin. Basically it is based on MATE environment but the appearance of icons, applets & themes are distinct. It is actually similar to Windows interface. If you are a Ubuntu user then you can install it & get a windows look on your Ubuntu 17.04.

UKUI Interface on Ubuntu Kylin 17.04 – UKUI Panel

Many of you have just switched from Windows to Linux & missing the good interface of Windows. This can be done now by just installing UKUI desktop that can convert the Ubuntu environment to a look alike Windows.

Ubuntu Kylin 17.04
Ubuntu Kylin 17.04

UKUI is based on MATE environment & is developed by Ubuntu kylin last year. The latest release of UKUI was to create a co-linearity with the release of Ubuntu 17.04. This will attract the users & they will install it & use it with pleasure without forgetting the Windows.
UKUI Desktop
UKUI Desktop

UKUI provides its own set of icons & file manager graphics which is called peony. This is added by the menu , time , volume slider & notification area. In addition you can add a Windows wallpaper to make it more familiar with Windows.
The task manager & file manager are exactly same but a user can easily spot the difference. Although it is quite good to use & remembers the old windows platform.

Install UKUI on Ubuntu 17.04

To download UKUI you can jump to this link.
After the installation you will get some Chinese touch, as the developers of kylin are Chinese people.

  • To uninstall the UKUI desktop , you can use the following given command.
  • sudo apt purge ukui-desktop-environment ubuntukylin-default-settings peony-common
  • After this go to Software & Updates> Other Software  to remove the Ubuntu Kylin repo.

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