All natural anti-nausea remedies and their instant results

There may come a time when a person starts to feel queasy and has this urge to vomit. This can take place due to many reasons. One of the major ones is motion sickness. Yes, travelling for long hours in the car – for example from delhi to Dehradun, one can definitely experience nausea and vomiting. Now that we have made things clear, our focus is on – anti nausea home remedy.

As per the questions and demand we are going to elaborate on common causes of nausea without vomiting.


There can be various reasons behind why one feels nauseated, and these can be immense car sickness, and when one cannot travel for long hours, hangover can also be a cause – waking up the next morning with a bad hangover, Medications can also be a cause, when one over eats and just doesn’t stop eating then they can feel nauseated. Stress and trauma can also lead to this.

Apart from the above mediocre causes, there can be some extreme ones that can lead one to feel nauseated. These include – when one is pregnant, having gallstones, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, migraine, peptic ulcer, hepatitis, intestinal obstruction, and even having pancreatitis

Anti nausea home remedies

Many complain about the feeling of nausea and ways to get rid of them. We are going to lay down some home remedies that help to do away with nausea

Eat Ginger

ginger reuse
ginger reuse

One should surely eat ginger when facing nausea or a stomach problem. It isn’t very evident as to how ginger really functions, but many say that it contains compounds that work similar to anti nausea medications. One should eat lots and lots of ginger during pregnancy. Not only does ginger work during pregnancy, but it also aids in reducing the nausea after chemotherapy

Ginger is safe and has no side effects associated with it. However, if one is prone to low blood pressure or low blood sugar then they should eat ginger for sure!

Peppermint Aromatherapy

peppermint armona reuse
peppermint armona reuse

This is considered as one of the good anti nausea home remedy.  Pregnant women who were exposed to peppermint smell felt way less nauseous as compared to those who weren’t thrown to such a smell. Apart from just inhaling the smell, one can also sip a cup of peppermint tea. Thus, smelling or even sipping contents that contain peppermint is very god for the body and removes nausea.


One of the anti nausea home remedy is to control one’s breathing and keep a watch at it. One should slow down on their breathing and concentrate on the in and out. Once this is done, one can very easily get over nausea. Thus, breathing is a very good remedy to keep a track on nausea and reducing this very feeling.



One should certainly meditate in order to rid oneself of nausea. Hence, one should make a meditation routine. Once one does practice it daily then they can use this for fighting anxiety, pain and stress. Hence, one good anti nausea home remedy is to meditate.

Eat crackers

If one is facing nausea or just a bad stomach then eat a couple of plain crackers. The reason why they work as a home remedy for morning sickness maybe because they are bland, or maybe because salt helps to reduce nausea. Apart from the above, they also help to raise the blood sugar.

Switch seats

Motion sickness is very common, and hence while travelling one should make sure to choose the correct seat. That would be to sit in the front rather than at the back.  However, if you are seated at the back of the car – then lie down and face the upper part of the car. Seating makes a good amount of difference in one feeling nauseated.



If one is feeling nauseated and sick then lemonade is a very good drink.  It is easy to make all one has to do is drink some water with lemons squeezed into it. Lemon creates a refreshing feeling and does away with the feeling of nausea and vomiting.


One good anti nausea home remedy is to chew on saunf. This is also known as fennel.  This helps one to refresh the taste in the mouth and makes one feel way better. In fact fennel tea is an effective way to reduce nausea and the vomiting feeling.

Orange juice

This is a very good anti nausea home remedy as it helps to replenish the lost minerals, vitamins and nutrients in the body. Apart from that it aids to bring the blood pressure levels back to the normal range. One can have oranges in the form of salad or just drink it as a juice, this will definitely help to remove nausea and vomiting.

Amla or the Indian gooseberry


Amla is said to be a very good remedy for reducing nausea. It is so good because it contains high amounts of vitamin C. This enhances the immunity against stomach and other disorders. Even though amla may be a little tangy or bitter, the best way to deal with it is by sucking on to the fruit. If this doesn’t suit then one can take out a juice of amla and drink it.

Keep yourself hydrated

An important remedy to do away with nausea is by drinking lots and lots of water. Apart from just water one should also drink teas like chamomile and mint. Sports drinks with electrolytes are also good to keep hydration away and in reducing nausea. In fact, one should drink lots of coconut water if they want to rid themselves of nausea.


Thus, if one suffers from nausea or even a bad stomach, the above remedies will come to use and leave instant results. However, this may not hold true all the time as sometimes the condition is so severe that only a doctor can help. In such cases, the above remedies will not be able to have any application. Hence, visit your doctor and take the prescribed medication.

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