How to reverse Estrogen Dominance Naturally After Childbirth & Breastfeeding

Reverse Estrogen Dominance Naturally After Childbirth & Breastfeeding using proper diet and exercises and balancing work life balance.

Estrogen, as we all know, are female hormones which tend to take a hike when a woman is pregnant or even breastfeeding. However, too much of estrogen in the body may not be good for the woman, and thus we are going to lay emphasis on – how to reverse estrogen dominance naturally

During pregnancy and after childbirth the estrogen level increases in all women. Thus we are going to first lay focus on what does estrogen do to females. Estrogen is a hormone that is very common in women and makes them different from men – in terms of the bodily structure and the hair growth that occurs.

Estrogen can rise due to many factors, such as:

When a woman is pregnant, due to puberty, overweight and obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and some particular kind of medication.

Estrogen Imbalance Signs and Symptoms in Young Females

reverse Estrogen Dominance
reverse Estrogen Dominance

There are many symptoms that indicate a high amount of estrogen in women. These include a sudden weight gain or weight loss,  when one sweats a lot, having difficulty sleeping, skin rashes, changes in the heart rate, weak bones, depression, when one faces constant headaches, bloating, infertility and many more!

How to balance Estrogen levels Home Remedy and reverse estrogen dominance naturally

Choose safe skin care

Choosing safe and skin care is important to reverse estrogen dominance naturally. This is so because the ingredients contained in these products tend to increase the estrogen levels and hence one should buy skin care that are natural and organic and don’t increase or give a hike to the estrogen level.

Choose organic beef and dairy

One should keep in mind to choose organic beef and dairy. This is mainly because farmers feed their livestock drugs enthused with estrogen to make them fat and improve the milk production

Eat good amounts of fibre

Fibre Foods
Fibre Foods

It is important to know that the body gets rid of the excess estrogen in the body through digestion, and hence eating fibre will increase one’s bowel movement and help in doing so. One should eat foods that are rich in fibre – these include green vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, and beans. This is a good way to reverse estrogen dominance naturally

Avoid plastics


This may surprise one but plastic water bottles, food containers, bags contain chemicals such as bisphenol –A and bisphenol S which tend to increase the estrogen levels in the body. Thus, one should make sure to not use too many plastics.

Avoid canned food

canned foods
canned foods

Canned food is not so good if one has to reverse estrogen dominance naturally. This is so because canned food has plastic linings that are made with BPA. Thus, increasing the estrogen level automatically

Try taking estrogen reducing supplements

Some supplements help to remove xenoestrogens from the body. These include calcium D glucarate, DIM, milk thistle, choline, and taurine. In case one needs guidance then do go consult a naturopath.

Shop carefully for furniture

It has been said that furniture pieces are bathed in flame retardants. Thus one should look for companies that end up selling flame retardant free furniture and use natural latex foam cushions. One should also look for older furniture sold in vintage stores!

Exercise regularly


Research and study have shown that exercising every day ends up lowering the estrogen levels. Women who exercised every day continuously saw a lower level of estrogen as compared to women who did not indulge in exercise.

Get enough sleep

In order to reduce the estrogen level, one should get ample sleep. This is because, when one does not get ample sleep then the melatonin hormone is disrupted. Melatonin is very good to reduce the excess of estrogen. Hence, one should ideally get ample sleep in order to do away with the excess estrogen in the body.

Estrogen balancing diet plan

If one wants to get rid of the excess estrogen in the body then it is necessary to keep a track on the diet. One should eat ample protein, avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates, make sure to consume healthy fats,  do not indulge in overeating or under eating, drink ample green tea, also eat fatty fish often enough.  One should also stay away from sugary beverages, consume a diet rich in fibre, and finally eat eggs a few times in a day. Following the above diet is a good way to reverse estrogen dominance naturally!

how to increase estrogen naturally after hysterectomy

Before we go further let us understand what hysterectomy is. This is basically an operation that is conducted to remove a woman’s uterus. A woman may undergo this operation for various reasons such as – uterine fibroids, uterine prolapse, cancer of the uterus, abnormal vaginal bleeding, chronic pelvic pain or thickening of the uterus!

Thus, once this operation is successful people look out for ways to increase the estrogen levels naturally.

increase estrogen

Hence, in order to increase the estrogen levels one much change their lifestyle and eat foods that will help to do so. These include – flaxseeds, fruits like apricot, oranges, strawberries, and peaches. One should also include green leafy vegetables, olives, and olive oils, chickpeas and culinary herbs like turmeric, thyme, and sage.


Thus, above have been laid down various home remedies to tackle an imbalance in the hormones. Our main focus has been on how to reverse estrogen dominance naturally and the various home remedies that help to do so. There can be an excess of estrogen in a woman’s body due to many reasons – particularly because of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Thus, when this does happen, one should look at ways to reduce this excess of estrogen. Too much of any of the hormones are not good for the body, and thus one should try maintaining a good balance of the two.

There may come times when the above remedies somehow don’t end up working and in such cases, one should visit their doctors and take advice. When situations become severe, natural remedies do not help as they can’t lead to instant results. Thus, in cases like these, one’s doctor is their best friend!

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