Android O Revealed as Android Oreo – Check all the new Updates of Android 8.0 , Play the New Android Games in the Update

Google has raised the curtain of its new Android OS i.e. Android Oreo. This will be soon available in a few days. Before the update comes in our hands, here I am going to tell you some of the upgrades that are available in Oreo.

Android O is revealed with Android 8.0 Oreo – Check the new features & updates with the New Google’s Mobile Operating System

Android Oreo is the official name of the latest version of Google’s most popular Operating system for Mobile phones in the world.
If you have installed Android Oreo developer preview, or you are still using the stable Android Nougat , the update will be soon reach your phone.
If you are not able to get the update , then you can update the settings menu. This is could be contradictory for many users as well. So all those have to wait for Google official release.

Android 8.0 O Oreo
Android 8.0 O Oreo

To get the update , you should be having a phone from one of these i.e. Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X or Pixel C, Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL.

Steps to download Android Oreo in your Phone if not a Google Branded phone

If you do not have a Google brand phone so you can read here. The companies project called Project Treble was initiated that aims to update more devices than there previous OS did. The number of devices that can support the latest operating system has grown than before. Google is going to launch Pixel 2 very soon.
So here we are going to tell you some of the features that are available in Beta version.

10 Features that are essential to Know about Android Oreo

PiP Mode – Picture in Picture Mode

PiP mode means Picture in Picture Mode that allows to watch YouTube videos while using other applications at the same time.
The feature is already available in iPad & other Android third party applications. This allows to support the overlapping of application one on another.
This feature is quite ordinary but the multitasking easier than before like split of window. This will helps to continue your videos while doing other tasks at the same instinct  of time.

Faster boot times with Android Oreo

Android Oreo claims to improve the boot time  of your phones. As we all know that the boot time is on the hardware side but there are some aspects of software too. Google claims to improve those software & provides better apps loading & boot time.

Android Oreo Wallpaper
Android Oreo Wallpaper

Restricted background activities –  Better Battery life with Android 8.0

There will be some updates that provide the improvement in battery life of a phone. This can be done by controlling the app which runs in background.
These improvements to the doze function helps the usage of battery draining during the run time. This feature will improve the battery life a few hours than before.

Contextual press-to-hold options –  Android Oreo Character recognition / Machine Learning

Many of us copies addresses from an app to Google Maps. Android Oreo will remove your efforts. The new feature of Oreo will recognise that what string are the input for which app. This happen via machine learning. Another example shows that you click on a 10 digit mobile number & you will see this on your dialer.

Adaptive icons

Features as it is named, Google has provided a design guidelines for developers which help them to create a unique visual style across the apps.
Although , these new app icons will animate with user interaction & you will see an animation demo. The old icons are not seen yet , but we believe that they will be seen soon.

Boosted audio performance in Android – LDAC Support

Oreo has availed the native support for LDAC ,Sony’s hi-res Bluetooth audio codec.  This technological advancement will improve the bandwidth & raise the speed limit in the wireless pipeline for your content to transmit. This will also improve the audio quality between headphones & phone.
Many devices will get the audio quality &  as Android Oreo will help the old phones to avail the native support for LDAC, Sony’s hi-res Bluetooth audio codec.
In the developer preview, we are seeing tons of option for tweaking the bit rate for audio. There could be more features than we know. This will help us to save the money on costly headphones for better audio quality.
This is a better news for the Google Pixel 2 phone , as it has removed the headphone jack.

Notification dots

The Android Oreo has new Notification dots. This remembers us for the iOS third party launchers , that brings home screen as native Android feature.
Like iOS , it will not show the number of notification in every app, but this will grap your attention for where you like to go.

New emoji

There are some new emoji designs for Android 8. Google has confirmed to replace the gumdrop emoji style from the old versions of Android & bringing the round face icons for Android Oreo. There are so many new emojis that will be shown here like starstruck, giraffe, wizard throwing up, fairy, mermaid.

Easter egg / Octopus Game for Android 8.0 users

The new Android Oreo has given the Easter egg game. The developer preview of latest operating system has also provided us a new game i.e. cat-feeding mini game.
As you click on the OS logo , you will be directed to a empty screen with nothing & soon you will see an octopus on it. This game is very basic & can’t be called game in our time. You can pull the legs of this octopus & see it rolling on the screen. This game was known to people before the Android Oreo comes to the focus.

 Other Android Oreo features

There are various features that we have seen already but still there will be some new features there.

  • Android Instant Apps – You can use many apps without installing by using them in the browser. This will be soon given on developers support soon.
  • There is a new auto-fill option which allows you to login faster in your favourite apps.

There are some new access features that includes simple audio control & quick access from the navigation bar for the magnification and Select to Speak.
Some of the features that are sum up quickly are new downloadable fonts, background location limits, notification snoozing, a new Wi-Fi assistant feature, a support window called Tooltips so you can control over all the elements of your phone.
These are some of those updates of Android Oreo which we have presented here. This information will be updated as soon as we will get some more updates. If you find the information useful , then please comment down & share with all others who don’t know yet.
Thanks for reading.

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