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AP Cyber Treasury DDO Request

AP cyber treasury Employees Payslip with GPF , Pension pay slip, govt employee & DDO Codes Bill Status PDF Download

Andhra Pradesh Treasury has been served by the Andhra Government to help people in getting the salary related details faster. This is an online initiative made by AP Government.

A.P Treasury department is a body of Andhra Pradesh government. It works for the various state government i.e. Accounts , Bill , Taxation and other finance matters.

AP Treasury is a helpful online portal to interact between A.P government and employees. A.P Treasury ishelpful in providing the various financial schemes and services which are provided by the A.P government for the the employees.

This online portal of AP treasury also provide some other details of the employees of AP Government. These are

  1. DDO request,
  2. Pay Slip,
  3. Pension,
  4. DDO Code,
  5. GPF Slips,
  6. Bill Status Etc.

AP Government employee who want to check thier details can get it from anywhere. This website is avaialble on Internet by using a laptop or mobile phone. The website link is given as treasury.ap.gov.in. There are other sub sites for it are DDOREQ.

AP Cyber Treasury DDO Employee Pay Slip

There is a simple process by which you have to get your details. May be you don’t know the details of getting the information from AP treasury website. This article will provide you a step by step process to get this information. So just follow the steps properly and you will get your desired inforation.

AP Treasury Pay Slip is a document which is needed to all government employees of Andhra Pradesh. This payslip contains all the details related to the employee’s income.

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The details of income are given such as net income, gross salary, allowances, deductions, taxation amount etc. The monthly pay slip can be downloaded from the AP treasury department. The pay slip can be used in all the legal matters such as loan approval.

Download Andhra Pradesh Treasury Pay Slip PDF

  • Visit the official website of AP Treasury i.e. treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/
  • Now input your DDO Code and password.
  • In the website, click on REPORTS tab and click on “Pay Slip” options.
  • Now enter the details of payslip i.e. Month & payslip. Click on “Reports in Text” button.
  • Right click on “PAYSLIP GENERATED FOR DDOCODE” and save the file in the folder.
  • A pay slip will be generated for you and take a print out of it.

Andhra Pradesh Treasury Bill Status

Andhra treasury pension is a very demanding service for AP employees. To provide all the details, you have to take all the steps given here. The details which are given to the employee are

  1. Pensioner Grievances
  2. Pensioner Payment Information
  3. Current month Pension Status
  4. Bill status
  5. Pension Sanction Proposals
  6. Pension Digital AVC

Download AP Treasury Pension Slip PDF

  • Open the official website of AP Treasury i.e. treasury.ap.gov.in/aptry/index.php
  • Now select Net Services to Public on the website’s homepage.
  • Here check the link “Pensioner’s Information”
  • There will be various results regarding pensions.
  • Click on the relevant option
  • Now input all your details in the form i.e. PPOID, PPO Number, Employee ID, State code, etc.
  • Submit all the details and check your pension slip.
  • Download the pension slip in PDF format and take a print out of it.

Download Andhra GPF Slip Cyber Treasury Slip

GPF is a scheme which is provided to the Andhra employees. GPF is a scheme where a small percentage of employee’s monthly salary is taken to a svaing account and fixed for a certain period of time to get more outcomes from your money.

GPF is maintained by department. The amount taken by the department is given back after retirement to the respective employee. The employees of Andhra Pradesh are eligible for the GPF schemes. The details of GPF are also available for the AP Treasury employees.

How to download Telangana Employee GPF Slip

  1. Open the official website i.e. treasury.ap.gov.in/aptry/index.php
  2. Click on “NET SERVICES TO PUBLIC” option seen on the website’s home page.
  3. Click “Employees Operations” option under the title Net services.
  4. Now go to the “Class IV GPF Information” option.
  5. On the new page , you have to enter the details like District Name, GPF Accno or Employee Id.
  6. Now click on submit button.
  7. Now your details will be shown on the screen. Download the PDF format and take a print out of it.

Andhra Pradesh CFMS Treasury / Challan

CFMS is an abbreviation for Comprehensive Financial Management System. It is a solution for the citizens, department , employees and Pensioners.

CFMS is a commercial service that is provided by the Andhra Pradesh Centre for Financial System and Services (APCFSS). The application is made under the Finance department of Andhra Pradesh.

CFMS works in financial matters by providing transparency and convenience to the people who comes in the portal to check thier financial details.

Andhra Pradesh CFMS Challan PDF Download

  • Open the official website of CFMS i.e. cfms.ap.gov.in
  • Now click on the receipt link under Citizen Services.
  • Click on PD challan.
  • Input your details like Department name, service details and other details in the form.
  • Your result will be shown to you on the screen.

AP Treasury DDOREQ Codes

Drawing & Disbursing Officer is named as DDO. DDO is head of Office. DDO’s are gazetted officer who looks for the financial and accounts of multiple departments.

DDO stands for Drawing and Disbursing Officer. DDO’s are head of the office, or Gazetted officer who looks over the financial and accounts records of the respective department.

DDO have a very big information chunks which are for cash flow of department which is alloted by government to the employees. This system is applicable for the government departments of AP. Here an employee can check the following details

  • DDO Code
  • Drawing and Disbursing Officer Claim
  • DDO Reconciliation for Receipt or Payments, etc.

Download AP Treasury DDOREQ Code

  1. Open the official website of AP Treasury i.e. treasury.ap.gov.in/aptry/index.php
  2. Now select “Treasury Operation” button that is shown on the screen.
  3. Click on lists of DDO option in the new page.
  4. Here you can see DDO code with ‘stocode’ and ‘ddodesg’.

AP DDO Request Registration

Following steps need to be followed to claim the DDO from the AP Treasury website.

  1. Open the link of AP Treasury i.e. https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/
  2. Enter your login details i.e. DDO Code and password.
  3. After that fill other details i.e. DDO details, Head of this office details, and office details and submit it.

AP Cyber Treasury Report & Status

AP Cyber Treasury carries all the details. These details are

  • Bank wise Report
  • Bank HOA wise Report
  • Date wise Report
  • Cyber Treasury Reconciliation Report,
  • Cyber Challan Details,
  • Treasury Challan Details,
  • PD Account Details,
  • Account Detail DDO wise,
  • PD Account Details DT Urban,
  • Online Bank Scroll, MIS on Online Bank Scroll,
  • Budget Distribution Status,
  • and Final Distribution Status.

Download AP Cyber Treasury Challan PDF

  1. Visit the link i.e. treasury.ap.gov.in/aptry/index.php
  2. Select “Cyber Treasury Button” on the home page.
  3. Now scroll to “Cyber Challan Detail” option.
  4. Enter the details like “Challan Number” or departmental code with “Trans ID”
  5. Click on the submit button & you can see your Cyber tresury challan.

AP NPS Slip Treasury PDF

NPS stands for National Payment system. This central government scheme is based on pension. Pension is made by taking a small percent of salary from monthly salary. The totalamount gathered in few years is given back as retirement pension.

Steps to A.P. Treasury NPS

  • Open the AP Treasury website link treasury.ap.gov.in/aptry/index.php
  • Click on NPS button on the home page of website.
  • A new window will be opened under “Treasury and Accounts Department”.
  • Now enter your login details.
  • Now you can see your NPS scheme.

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