Top 10 harmless pranks for Hackers on 1st April 2017

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Many of us may have prank our friends On April Fool day. Now as we have become mature than before. But that does not mean that we would leave the day as usual. As a geek you can still make a prank using your computer. This article will provide you some april fool prank ideas for geeks.

April Fool Prank Ideas for Geek

You can prank them to make the day memorable in any way. This will left them baffle, confuse, perplex when you will do them. This article will provide you some april fool prank ideas you can do on friends.

Install the Blue Screen of Death Screensaver

You can set the screensaver on your friends PC. The wallpaper can be downloaded from Microsoft as Blue Screen of Death. The BSOD wallpaper can be downloaded for other platforms like Mac or Linux. You can do this while he has gone to the lunch. In the same time you can do this.

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Fake a Desktop with Screenshot Wallpaper

Take the screenshot of the PC’s current view. Now set the picture as the Desktop wallpaper. Now hide the actual taskbar & disable the desktop icons. You can do this by Right click choose “Arrange Icons By” >uncheck “Show Desktop Icons”. When the person tries to work on PC, he will be surprised to see no icons or start menu is working.

april fool prank ideas
april fool prank ideas

Prank Call

Another april fool prank ideas is Prank call Android app. Use the application Prank call from Play store & install it in someone’s PC. After this you can set the timer for a call. You can also put some voice in the call. On the specified time, the phone will display a call to the person & the audio will be played on it.

Fill an Office with Packing Peanuts

You can use 3D posters that can be stick on the glass window. The poster should be looking like peanuts filled in the room. This will shock the victim & quickly he will open the room to check the scenario. Some of your friends can be sitting inside the room to see his reaction.

Remote Control Your Co-Workers’ Computer with VNC

Think if a computer is moving the cursor without any instruction like a ghost. Yes you can do this if you & your victim’s computer are in a same network. You can do this by using VNC, a computer remote control protocol. First install VNC server in the victim’s computer. Then you can control this PC from your PC. Make sure to take the IP address of victim’s computer. For mac users you can use TightVNC.

Message Co-Workers with NET SEND

If you use Command prompt & you know about netsend command then it is a nice command to prank someone. One person has used this command to send a message like “Microsoft has detected that you have a small penis. Please consider upgrading for better performance”. You need to have an IP address of victim. net send computername message

Hijack Firefox with the Total Confusion Pack Extension

If the victim uses Firefox, then if you install “Total Confusion Pack”  in the firefox extension. Then it will perform many pranks in it.

  • Two Steps Back: Back button will work twice or thrice randomly.
  • Rick Rollr: The video playing will be replaced by infamous Rick Astley video.
  • The Devil’s Inbox: The number of e-mails unread will become 666.
  • Sarcarsm Enhancer:  Some words like LOL, ROFL etc will show on the browser.
  • Watch it: The webpage will keep on loading for so much time.

Customize the Office HP Printer’s Console Message

You can flash a message on the Printer “Insert a Coin”. This will show you the message on the screen. To change the Print display message click here.

You are hacked by Anonymous Prank

You can also show a face laughing like a giant on the webpage. This will make them afraid. This will show an anonymous face which will later say “You are hacked by Anonymous.” Click here to download the JavaScript. The java-script code will only show such animation but no harm is done by it to the computer.

These are some april fool prank ideas. If you like the article then please write a comment to let us know. This will provide us motivation for more updates like this. You can also subscribe us for more updates. Thank You.

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