How to clean pen drive bad sector using Windows 10

Many times when our pen drive becomes more usable then the windows would pop-up the error regarding bad sector. As your pen drive becomes older & the sector of pen drive contains some bad sector. These sector keep  on increasing with the period of usage of pen drive. Pen drive Bad sector are those sectors which are unused by the pen drive. If  these unused sector kept increasing , one day your pen drive will become unusable.

This article will provide you a method to remove the pen drive bad sector. For this you need a computer with windows operating system. Basically there are two types of bad sector.

  • Logical Bad sectors :– These bad sectors occur due to a software error
  • Physical Bad sectors :- Physical bad sectors are happened if any physical damage is done to the storage device. Storage can be hard disk or pen drive.

Remove Pen Drive Bad Sector using Windows 10

As you insert the pen drive  to your computer , you must have seen this message on your screen.This one of the inbuilt feature of windows which will ask you to remove the bad sector in few minutes.

Remove Pen Drive Bad Sector using Windows
Remove Pen Drive Bad Sector using Windows

Sometimes we do not get any message as shown above. In that case you can follow the steps to remove the bad sector of your storage device.

  1. Insert your pen drive in the computer.
  2. As your pen drive will be detected , Go to This PC folder & right click on it.
  3. Click on the Properties option.
  4. A property window will appear on the screen. Click on the Tools tab.
  5. In the tools tab, click on check button.
  6. A window will appear  select “Scan for & attempt recovery” of bad sector”.
  7. Click on start , this process will take few minutes according to your media storage condition.
  8. After the check up a window will appear which will give you two options. One  will be “Schedule on next restart” or Restart.
  9. You should select restart if you want to remove error immediately or other option as per your need.

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Repair Pen drive bad sector using Command prompt in Windows

If you think GUI based method is a very easy one & you want to learn a cooler one then you can read tis method written below.

  • Open CMD using Run as administrator.
  • Now write this command in the prompt ” chkdsk C:
  • In this command I Wrote letter C in the command. You have to write the appropriate letter in the command which is assigned to your respected storage device.
  • There are two other commands for the same i.e chkdsk /f C:chkdsk /f /R C: . First is for fixing disk errors & other is for find & remove errors.
  • Use all three commands for fixing the soft bad sector in the media storage.

If you want to know more about the chkdsk options, please follow this link.

These methods explained above works with any of the storage device like pen drive , memory card , external hard disk.

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