How to perform DDOS attack from an Android Device

This article is written to let you know about DDOS attack on a website using your Android Phone. This article is for educational purpose. Please don’t use it in destruction purpose. Read the full article to learn ddos attack using android phone

DDOS Attack using android phone

DDOS attack is mostly done from a windows or Linux PC. What if you can do this from an Android PC. Yes this can be done by anyone. You can perform a DDOS attack using android phone application.

ddos attack using android phone
ddos attack using android phone

I will tell you about the application that is to be used & also provide you the download link to download the application. The name of this application is AnDOSid. This application is developed by Scott Herbert. The main purpose for developing this app is to have a stress testing tool. While you should also use it that way.
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I do not support any illegal activity for anyone. This application is so powerful that you can use it to shut down the servers but don’t try this. Any illegal or destructive activity will take to a jail.
Don’t worry about it. If you follow the instructions then you can use it for the educational purpose & have a nice practical for you.
You should have an Android phone with Android 2.2 or higher version.

How to DDOS Attack using android phone

  1. Download the application from the given  link i.e. Andosid
  2. Install it in your Device.
  3. Open the application & you will see the first screen like this.
  4. Click on continue & you will see a set of menu.
  5. Enter the url of a website for ex.
  6. Enter the payload size. Default size is 1 Kb. You can increase the size to increase the load.
  7. Third options asks the interval between every hits. the default value for it is 1000 ms. You can change it as per the needs.
  8. All set to have a stress testing. You can click on start to start the stress testing. You can stop the testing by clicking on stop button.

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  1. Project Droid
    December 23, 2017

    Thank you for sharing this knowledge. You can use this app. It is more effective. It provides more features than this.
    Video that explains how it works

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