Delete Google+, Youtube by PC or Android Phone , Desktop

Delete Google+ profile , Google Plus pages , Gmail , Youtube , Google Search without deleting Gmail

Gmail accounts are one of the most used e-mail service for the people around the world. But everybody knows that google provides many other services besides Gmail.

Delete google plus account without deleting gmail

These services are mostly not useful for all. Many services are like we don’t even know. This article is written for those who are trying to delete Google+, YouTube From Your Google Account.

How To Delete Google+, Youtube From Your Google Account In One Go?

Delete my Gmail Account

Most of us use our Gmail account for many other google products like YouTube, Google+,Drive,Docs & many other. Google+ was created in the competition of Facebook. But none of us are much attracted to Google+. Most of us don’t visit the Google+ profile once in a month.

Delete Google+ Account using the deleting option

May be you were also thinking about deleting your Google+ account from the gmail account. If you don’t know about this , we will be providing the detail how you can remove your Google+ account from your gmail. Yes, Google provides you full authority to remove other google services from your gmail account.

Steps to delete YouTube Account easily – Delete Google+ without deleting Gmail

If you are interested to delete your other google services that you don’t like or you think you don’t need any longer than you can follow these steps to proceed :-

  1. First of all, sign in to your Google account.
  2. Now find out the Google’s My Account webpage.
  3. Now you will see a link named Account preferences.
  4. As this link will open, you must look for Delete your account or services.
  5. Now you will see two options i.e. Delete products & Delete Google Account & Data.
  6. You have click on the first option i.e. Delete Products.
  7. Then it will ask your Google password for the security purpose.
  8. After this, you will be directed to the next page where all the google products will be listed down.
  9. Click the delete icon against the product , which you want to delete.
  10. Follow the steps that will be shown afterwards.

These steps will remove all the Google services which you wish to remove from there.While before you will remove all the services that you are removing from your google account, it will ask you to download the personal data that is attached to it. If you won’t download it , then your data will be lost forever for the particular service.
We have written this article from the knowledge collected from our trusted sources. If anybody who thinks any correction is needed , then drop a comment in the Comment section. Your suggestions will be used in our improvement. Thank You!!

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