Delete Your Facebook Account Automatically After You Die – Erase FB Personal Profile Automatically

How to delete someone’s Facebook Account who died or deceased. Erase a Facebook Account When they die.

Erase Facebook Account after you Deceased using this tip

Everyone must have thought about what will happen to their assets which they have after their death. One of those things is your Facebook account. What will happen to your facebook account after death.

Close a Facebook Account for someone who has died?

Your Facebook account need to be deleted automatically after your death. There are some other things that are given by facebook that can be done to your facebook account after your death.

What will happen to your Facebook Account after death ?

Facebook has become one of the most used website in the life of an average person. Your facebook account will either opted for the deletion or can be made to a memorial page if claimed by a family member after proper verification.

A family member or friend can choose to do  any of two options

  1. Request for memorial page.
  2. Deletion of Account  by a special request for the deceased person.(A death proof is required).

Person must select the legacy contacts for his/her facebook account. These legacy contacts will be authorized for the account like changing profile pic, Respond to friend request. But the authorized account will not be able to read chats or change other information. If the person haven’t selected any legacy account then no one will be able to make changes & your account will be left as it is.

How to Auto-Delete your Facebook Account after death
How to Auto-Delete your Facebook Account after death

How to Auto-Delete your Facebook Account after death – Facebook Legacy Contact

If you don’t want your facebook account to be online after your death, then you must check these steps to know about how you can make settings to delete the account after death.

  1. Login to your facebook account.
  2. Click on the arrow on the right top of webpage.
  3. Click on the settings in drop down menu.
  4. Now find security tab on the left side.
  5. Now click on legacy contact & enter the name of friend that you want to select.
  6. Now click on the link “Request Account Deletion”.
  7. If you want you can also select the legacy contact to allow them to download your facebook data.

Facebook Automatic delete – Facebook Memorial page

Facebook will delete your account if the legacy contact will notify facebook with a death proof. You can also let the person know that you have selected them for the task with a message.
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