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Google is not used for searching some information. You can use this search engine for the hacking activities. If you are trying to learn some hacking techniques from this article, we will provide you some ways to use google hacking.

Google Dorking List –  Google Dorks Download

Google is also used for hacking purpose. Many government organisation uses Google search engine for hacking. By using right query several helpful data can be retrieved. In this article, we will provide you methods that can be used by hacker to gather some additional information.
National security agency has released a book that has given many methods to use search engine .The name of the book is “Untangling the Web: A Guide to Internet Research”. These searching methods are very out of the box. This book is consisting of more than 600 pages which is totally based on search engine uses.
Book explains that using google for hacking is not a matter of public. This is a very confidential book, which should not be given to anyone. Google spiders allow google to guide in the non- restricted sections. The restricted sections are specified by robots.txt.

what are google dorks
what are google dorks

Google started the restriction algorithm on the resources two years back. Still sometimes there are little data that is not seen by google. This data can be seen by Google search. If you can find & use the data for some use, this can be done to learn hacking.

What we see in Google Dorks ?

Type of data that can be seen in Google search results are written below.

  • User Login Information.
  • Corporate information
  • Private data
  • Government related data.
  • Websites and server Errors.

Some popular methods that are used by others for Google hacking.

Searching through file extension
There are various companies who keep their data in excel files. These files can be searched in the Google search engine. You just need to specify the file extension, company name & some phrases that are used in the company like proprietor, confidential etc. You can also use the url of the company.
You can see by this example. [filetype :xls site : za confidential]
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Search Login Information
Login data of any website can also be searched in the google search. There is a fixed sequence in most foreign websites. This can be done as [filetype:xls site : ru login]
Search Passwords
This often very occasionally in the search results. You can search [intitle:”index of’ site:za password] to find some of those.
Numrange Searches
NSA has named it as the creepiest searches of google. You need to apply for two numbers which are divided, without any gap. [ 617..780]
Bypass the Registration process
There are some sites who are pushy for registration. If you don’t want to make registration in the site. Then this can be used for it.
[ inurl:directory]
[ inurl:index]
[ inurl:companies]
[ inurl:database]
These are some of those techniques which I learn from it. If you you want to learn more from them, you can read the e-book.
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