How to Hack Facebook Account Using the Mobile Number – How to stay safe from the Facebook Hacking Attack

There is a very common question among Facebook user i.e how to Secure a Facebook account from hackers.
After 2016, the hacking & security world of Internet has evolved. There are so many people who are trying to find ” How to Hack Facebook Account ” on Google. The real method is very hard to find but a researcher can do this by a phone number & some hacking knowledge.
Your Facebook Account can be hacked very easily no matter the password is strong or not. Your efforts to secure your Facebook account is not enough to protect you from Hackers.

Easy way to hack Facebook account from mobile

There are so many intelligent Facebook users , who try to make all the security measures active. But hackers just required a Facebook phone number by which they can hack someone’s account.

How to Hack Facebook Password easily –  Hack Facebook Messenger Conversations

The researchers from Positive technologies have shown the way by which they can hack Whatsapp & Telegram. With the same technique you can be used to hack a Facebook Account.

How to Hack Facebook Password easily -  Hack Facebook Messenger Conversations 
How to Hack Facebook Password easily –  Hack Facebook Messenger Conversations 

What is SS7?

Signalling System No. 7 is a set of protocols of telephony signalling developed in 1975. This can be setup & used to tear down a PSTN public switched telephone network telephone calls. This also does translation, local number portability, prepaid billing, Short Message Service (SMS), and other mass market services.

What does SS7 normally do?

SS7 is a set of protocols that allow phone networks to exchange the information that is required to pass calls & text messages between each other & also ensures correct billing. This also helps a [person to roam anywhere in the world specially in a foreign country.
SS7 is known as a vulnerable protocol still after it is using the most advance encryption used by the cellphone networks. The design flaws in SS7 came to focus in 2014, when a team of researchers at German Security Research Labs alerted the world to it.

Here’s How to Hack Any Facebook Account

Steps to perform the SS7 Hack is given as follows.

  • The attacker will first find your phone number & click on the Forget Number.
  • Then it will ask to send a OTP on the registered mobile number.
  • The OTP will be forwarded to the hacker’s system & he will be able to show this to you.

Note :- This is written for the Facebook users to be aware about the phone number vulnerability with the Facebook. It is advised not to put your phone number on the Facebook profile. You can also use the privacy setting via which you can hide your phone number.
This is the most vulnerable situation with the phone number that are provided on Facebook. The post is written for the Facebook users & want to secure the account. This will help people to secure their account.
I hope you find the information useful. We are always welcome for anyone to add some more information here. Thank You.


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