How to install Kali Linux on your PC Step by Step – Manual Partition / Virtual Box & VMWare

Kali Linux is very popular Pen testing OS. It has the highest number of pen-testing tools which are available to the hackers for doing security related tools.

Kali Linux Minimum System Requirements

  • a 20 GB Hard Disk is required minimum.
  • 2 GB RAM is required for Dual Installation (i.e. Windows & Kali).If you are going to use VMWare then you must have 4 GB RAM.
  • CD-DVD Drive or USB Support

 Initial Steps of Kali Linux Installation

  1. Download Kali Linux ISO from the official website of Kali Linux. (
  2. Create Bootable USB pen drive with any software like Rufus / UNetBootin
  3. In case you are using Virtual Machine installation, then load the ISO file in the VMWare. (select Linux Type Debian -> VDI hard disk).
  4. An Internet Connection with LAN wire

Installation Procedure for Kali Linux in PC / VMWare

STEP 1 : Select to Boot your PC via Pen Drive. Soon you will see the Kali Screen , Choose Graphical Install from the options given.

STEP 2 : Select the Language from the options.

STEP 3 : Select your Country

STEP 4 : Select the preferred keyboard. The automatic installer will install the components from the ISO.

STEP 5 : Stay with the default username i.e. Kali.

STEP 6 : Now you will see a default domain name for the system , keep it or leave it & Continue.

STEP 7 : Use a password for your Kali Linux & Click continue.

STEP 8 : Now choose about the partition of Disk . Choose LVM for the beginners.

Step 9 : From the partitioning disk option & Select All Files in one partition for beginners.

Step 10 :Select finish partitioning and write changes to disk then hit continue .
Select Yes to write changes & click on continue. Wait for some time , installation is in process.
Configure the network mirrors. Select Yes on mirror network & click on continue.
This mirror helps the installation to download the kali repositories.

After the mirror process is complete & package manager is configured next step is taken.
Step 12 : Install the grub boot loader manually & select Yes & hit on continue.

Step 13 : Select the device to install the GRUB boot loader & select the Hard disk. You can also select the device manually.

Step 14 : Click on Finish Installation.

The installation process is done.
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