KDE Plasma 5.11 Release Announcements – Features like Vault will Make you a Fan of

KDE Plasma 5.11 Features , Release Notes

KDE has released their new autumn Plasma Feature release i.e. KDE Plasma 5.11. This release has bring a redesigned settings app , better notification & more powerful task manager. This release a new & unique feature among all the prev releases i.e. Vault. This Vault system allows the user to encrypt & open the documents in a secure environment. This helps for the people who deals with security documents & confidential information.

kde plasma download
kde plasma download

New System Settings Design in KDE Plasma 5.11

System Settings' New Design
System Settings’ New Design

The system settings has been updated with the new interface. This allows us to use the settings tab faster , as the mostly used settings will always be seen. The new design can be also be reverted to the old one , if any of the user prefers to use the old icon or tree views & use the same type of navigation.

Notification History

Notification History
Notification History

The demands let the developers to store the missed & expired notifications in history. This time , the notification system in Plasma release has been updated. By this, you will be able to see all the notifications which comes in your absence, as some of the notifications are override by the same application.

Task Manager Improvements

Kate with Session Jump List Actions
Kate with Session Jump List Actions

Task Manager in Plasma release provides dynamic jump list actions. In Plasma 5.10, the applications has additional actions to add the task entries statistically. The new app enables the access of internal functions i.e. text editor’s list of sessions, options to change application or document state, etc.. The access depends on the app which is running.
The windows can be rearranged in group popups can be done now. This can predict the order the opened applications. The task manager is improved for a smoother operation.

Plasma Vault in KDE Plasma 5.11

Plasma Vault Stores Your Files Securely
Plasma Vault Stores Your Files Securely

The most popular feature of this release is Plasma Vault. This vault will help you to work with sensitive & confidential information. The Plasma Vault allows to encrypt the set of documents & hide them from any other user when they are logged in. The encryption & decryption process of these documents are done very easily.

App Launcher Menu Improvements

Plasma Vault Stores Your Files Securely
Plasma Vault Stores Your Files Securely

The launchers have search results which were previously available for application menu. Now there is no need to manually install or edit an applications. The Kicker application launcher will be hidden if there is no favourites there. It also chooses an icon from a current icon theme from the pictures present on your hard disk. You can set multiple favourites per activity.
The menus of different menus share the favourite applications so as to save your settings if you change the launcher app.

Folder View

The user’s feedback has been taken to action & the default desktop layout in Plasma 5.10. There are some keyboard shortcuts which will help you to spread the icons uniformly on the unpleasant gaps i.e. on the right & bottom edges of screen. There is one mechanism introduced with the icons for less disk access.

Plasma 5.11 Wayland

One app window, two monitors, two DPIs
One app window, two monitors, two DPIs

The Linux Desktop has got the next generation display server tech called Wayland. It allows improved visual quality & less overhead which provides more security with clear protocol semantics. A session of Wayland has visible features i.e. probably smoother graphics & cleaner user’s experience. The Plasma Wayland is not the replacement for X11, but more users enjoy with Wayland.
The Plasma Wayland has given a lot of effort. Plasma can now automatically apply scaling based on the pixel density of a screen & does the same for each screen individually. This results in improved user experience on multiple monitors. This helps when an external monitor is connected to the laptop. Moreover, legacy applications not supporting this functionality may be upscaled to remain readable.
It allows for a complete X-free environment , starting the Xwayland compatibility layer only when an application requires. This improves the performance & security and reduces resource consumption.
The Wayland session can be set up by ConsoleKit2 instead of Logind, which increase the number of supported platform.

Some Other Improvements in Plasma 5.11

  • The Application identification logic i.e. used to pin apps in Task Manager is improved.
  • The Audio Indicator denotes the sound in Task Manager.
  • Windows can be moved easily.
  • Wayland Windows can be controlled by Window shortcuts.
  • Window title logic has been unified between X and Wayland windows

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