The Next LTS Kernel Branch is Linux 4.14 – New Long Term Support Kernel Series will be a support for Minimum 2 years

The developer of Linux kernel Greg Kroah Hartman has official announced on his blog that the Kernel 4.14 will be the next LTS kernel branch. This will be supported with stable kernel patch back ports for around two years. The announcement was made in the official blog of Hartman.

Original story of LTS Kernel Branch 4.14

In August 2016, there was an announcement that Linux kernel 4.9 will be the next LTS release. When it was released then , there were so many hardware support & new features were introduced in the same. The announcement is made by the famous kernel developer i.e.  Greg Kroah-Hartman.
The announcement was first seen by Softpedia , where Greg has announced that on Google+ page about the next LTS kernel branch will be Linux kernel 4.14.

LTS Kernel Branch 4.14
LTS Kernel Branch 4.14

The official statement on his blog is written as “As no one seemed to make 4.9 blow up too badly, let’s try this again! 4.14 == next LTS kernel.” He added Kernel 4.14 will be supported for minimum 2 years.
The LTS stands for Long Term Support & is supported for years & is better used as compared to the standard release.

List of existing Linux LTS releases?

Version Maintainer Released Projected EOL
4.9 Greg Kroah Hartman 12th November 2016 Jan, 2019
4.4 Greg Kroah Hartman 1st October 2016 Feb, 2018
4.1 Sasha Levin 21st June 2015 Sep, 2017
3.16 Ben Hutchings 8th March 2014 Apr, 2020
3.10 Willy Tarreau 30th June 2013 Oct, 2017
3.4 Li Zefan 20th May 2012 Apr, 2017
3.2 Ben Hutchings 1st April 2012 May, 2018

Developers are busy in developing Linux Kernel 4.12 & the fifth release was shipped on 3rd September 2017.

As the work is continuing & if the flow remains the same , then we can expect the development start in September 2017. May be we will get the new LTS in November.

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