Basics of Linux for the purpose of Ethical hacking – Kali OS 2017.1 basic

This article is dedicated to all those people who are trying to learn to Linux. If you don’t have any knowledge about Linux, then this article is for you. Here you can learn Linux hacking.

Learn Linux hacking – Basics of Kali Linux OS (Linux Hacking Distro)

linux hacking
linux hacking

There are number of person who thinks of making a career in hacking. They ask which operating system they should use for the learning process. Although you can learn hacking from any OS. Windows & Mac are also good for working with hacking tools. Linux is a more wise option to learn for. This is one of the most promising OS to learn about ethical hacking. That is why we are going to learn Linux hacking.

Linux hacking Commands Cheat Sheet for Beginners

Windows can be used to learn hacking but the Windows can’t use all the features of those tools. These tools are originally designed for Linux OS. If they are re- written for Linux then some functionalities don’t work because of windows environment. This is the reason why windows is not preferred by hackers.
First of all you need to learn the basic commands of Linux. This commands are like DOS commands in windows. These commands run on Linux shell. This article is one of the most basic of Linux. We will be learning some basic commands of Linux.

Booting of Linux

First of all after your computer is on & you have opened shell windows. You type a command startx.
This command will login to your computer as root user.

Linux terminal Shell

Unlike Windows there is not much graphical interface in the Windows. If you have ever used DOS commands in it. Linux terminal is same as the DOS window. Yet this terminal is more powerful than DOS commands. The commands in Linux can control anything in the system, unless you are a super user.
Another important thing in using Linux is that it is a case sensitive platform. “technical” & “TECHNICAL” are different in the Linux.

Directory structure in Linux

There is no C drive in Linux. Linux has its own directory structure which is shown below. / represents the root of directory. All other directories are under root. You must learn this basic directory structure before working with Linux commands. As there is no graphical interface like windows, you just need to know in which directory you are. This directory structure will help you.

  • bin :- stores all binaries, programs that help Linux to run.
  • etc :-Everything in Linux is configured by a text file. All these configuration files are under etc.
  • dev :- All the hardware & device information is stored in dev folder.
  • var :- Here all the log files are stored for future use.

Pwd Command

If on any point of time you need to know i which directory you are working on. “pwd” is used for the same. It tells us the name of directory in which we are working.

Cd command

If we are on some other directory from which we want to go on other. Cd can be used by the user to change directory.
One variation of is this command is “cd..”, this will move to one level up from the current directory.

Whoami Command

This command will tell will tell by which user you are logged in to the system. It will provide you the name of the user.
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These commands are the very basic step to learn for being a hacker. These commands will be very helpful in learning more about Linux. If you have any question regarding any of these please drop a comment in the comment box. Like us on Facebook for more information.

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