Top Linux Alternatives to the Windows XP users – Best alternative to windows 10 in 2018

Microsoft has announced that the support of Windows XP has ended now. That clearly says that the XP users are not going to get any security updates from now. They should soon leave the operating system to find an alternative.
As the condition has arrived that the XP users have to find something for them. There are three options with a XP users which are there.

  • Use Windows XP as you were using before , but your PC will not be secure & always vulnerable to the online attacks.
  • Upgrade Windows XP & move to Windows 7 or Windows 10 & enjoy the latest security updates.
  • Learn to use Linux & leave all the security threats behind & enjoy the PC.

Best Windows Look Alike Linux Distros for Windows Users in 2018

If you are choosing the third option , then you can start using Linux & leave the Windows environment behind. If you use your computer just for using Internet , movies & your office work , then Linux can be a very good part of you.

Linux is not just for Hackers or Security Experts but Home users too

There is a misconception that Linux is only for geeks. If you are also one of those , then you should read this post & remove your doubts in Linux usage.
Using Linux is not a rocket science or you don not need to learn many commands to start with. There are so many Linux distro that can be installed for a home user of computers. We are going to tell you some of them, which can be used by any normal user.

Top Linux Alternatives to the Windows XP users
Top Linux Alternatives to the Windows XP users

The name of Linux distro which are listed here can be easily used by someone who is just switching to Linux from Windows environment. These are very easy to use & the hardware control is quite easy with them.

Linux Mint Mate

Mint Linux is a very simple to use Operating system which comes with pre installed software. The desktop of Mint Linux is as same as Windows Desktop with desktop icons & taskbar with menu like start menu. Linux Mint works perfect with a modern hardware PC.
Download Linux Mint Mate

Linux Mint Xfce

Windows XP users generally have a low configuration machine. If your computer is a low performance machine which can’t be upgraded to Windows 7 or some newer version of Windows , then you can use Linux as the best option for you.
Linux OS can be used with Less RAM & old processor like Pentium 4. Linux Mint Xfce is a lightwight desktop which has a good performance in 256 MB of RAM.
Download Linux Mint Xfce


Ubuntu is one of the most popular OS which is used in so many servers. The popularity of Ubuntu make them create a light version of the same OS. The OS can be used in the lowest configuration (if someone has a old PC). The Lubuntu is able to run on Pentium 2 PC & the OS will give you better experience in the Old PC.
Download Lubuntu

Zorin OS

There are many Windows users who miss the feel & look of the Windows, For the same purpose , many users switch back to windows. Zorin OS has been created with the intention of having those users back to Linux environment.
Zorin OS gives the users the same environment as Windows has. Even Zorin can be customised to change the desktop environment exactly same as Windows. In other words you can say that Zorin is the perfect replacement of Windows OS.
Download Zorin OS
These are some of the Linux distros which are popular to switch for Windows to Linux. The list is not the end. I am going to find some more distros which can be used in place of Windows. Till then it’s done.
If you have something to add here , please write a comment to let me know. Thank You.

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