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After the September release of Manjaro Linux 17.1.12, the developers of Manjaro have released the new updated Manjaro Linux 17.1.12. They released on the last day of 2018. So in 2018, you can start with new release by Manjaro.
The new Manjaro desktop oriented operating system was released by the Manjaro with a New year wish to all. The project leader i.e. Philip Muller has tried again with Xorg server v1.19.6.The other packages i.e. Firefox,Wine & GIMP. Some other updates are Manjaro Mesa-Stack, the dri/drm also changed.

Different versions of Manjaro 17.1.12

  • XFCE (it’s Manjaro’s flagship edition and it gets all the attention it deserves)

  • KDE


  • Manjaro-Architect ISO

Manjaro XFCE Edition (17.1.12)

The Manjaro Xfce desktop environment is a lightweight OS which aims to provide a faster and less resource consuming machine for the user. The Xfce is based on traditional UNIX modularity and re-usability.
There are so many features which provide good functionality of a modern desktop environment. You can can your own combination to create a personal working environment. The minimal ISO is a very basic selection of additional software for everyday usage.

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Torrent Download

Manjaro KDE Edition (17.1.12)

This flavor of Manjaro Linux is a versatile desktop environment that provides different styles of menu to access the applications. It has an excellent built-in Interface to acces its new themes and widgets, etc ,from the internet.
The user friendly and flashy KDE is a resource intensive slower to start and uses a desktop environment like Xfce.

64 Bit installation

Manjaro 64 bit installation of KDE uses about 550MB of memory.

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Manjaro GNOME Edition (17.1.12)

The GNOME desktop environment is a part of GNU project, which aims to be simple and easy and fully accessible. The default display server is Wayland. The appearance is quite unique and very customizable and a variety of extensions is available from
Like KDE it uses more resources than Xfce.

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Manjaro-Architect ISO (17.1.11)

Now you can install any of the Manjaro’s official or community maintained edition or alternatively configure freely your custom built system with our console-based net-installer Manjaro-Architect.
The packages can be downloaded during the installation in the latest versions. This supports systemd, disk encryption and a variety of filesystems, including LVM and btrfs.

How to verify our install media

You have to read the user guide of Manjaro User Guide to verify the downloaded install media. Here you can also get the gpg verification and developer signature from Manjaro.

gpg --import manjaro.gpg
gpg --verify manjaro-xfce-17.1.12-stable-x86_64.iso.sig

Manjaro32 for 32-bit support

After Arch Linux has left the 32 bit support , Manjaro also followed their footsteps.  Besides Arch Linux 32 is still there as a community project & is also followed by Manjaro 32.
If you want more info on Manjaro, visit their official website. Write your comments , if you wanna add something here. Thank You.
Hello, Linux users!!!. Today we are going to review a fast growing linux distribution i.e. Manjaro Linux 17.0.2. This is the latest version of this distro by Manjaro Inc. If you are going to use this distros latest version then you can read our review & the features that are provided by them in the latest version.

Manjaro Linux 17.1.12 Download

The Manjaro developers have released a new version of this distro i.e. Manjaro Linux 17.1.12. This is one of the fastest growing linux distro. The release has include many package updates & security fixes.


The new version of Manjaro linux is based on Kernel 4.9. This version is featured with Plasma 5, Xorg v1.19, and Mesa Stack 17.1.3. You can download the Xfce , KDE & Gnome editions from the official website of Manjaro linux.

Features of Manjaro Linux 17.1.12

Manjaro Linux is a fast user friendly desktop oriented linux based OS. The main features of Manjaro linux are

  • An intuitive installer
  • Automatic hardware detection
  • Stable rolling publishing mode
  • Support for installing multiple kernels
  • Special Bash scripts for managing graphics cards
  • High degree of desktop configuration ability

Manjaro Linux 17.1.12 System requirements

  1. 1 GB of memory.
  2. 30 GB hard disk.
  3. 1 Ghz processor.
  4. HD graphic card & Monitor
  5. Broadband Internet connection.

Manjaro 17.0.2 system requirements
Manjaro 17.1.12 system requirements

Manjaro Linux provides Xfce Desktop in the core & a minimalist version of Net for advance users. You can also get the GNOME 3 or Cinnamon & KDE version of the community. Users can get help through Manjaro’s community forums
Philip Muller, who is the lead developer of Manjaro Linux (Arch Linux for Humans) has announced that they have made an addition to another version i.e. Manjaro Gellivara v17 series. They have also bring the fixes to the various security issues that were not present in the previous release in March.

Updates & security fixes in Manjaro 17.1.12

The latest release includes improved version of Calameres installer & better hardware detection. The other updates version are Kernel 4.9, MHWD v0.6.0, Firefox, Thunderbird, redesigned themes, Xorg v1.19, Manjaro Tools & Profiles, Mesa Stack 17.1.3.

Weaker password in v17.1.12

There was an issue for weaker password hashes which is now fixed by the team in 17.1.12. This was a big problem in the original release of Gellivara version which took three months to complete.

Manjaro’s flagship Xfce edition now comes with Xfce 4.12 desktop environment, it was one of the most focused part in the new version. KDE edition featuring Plasma 5.10 along with KDE Apps 17.1.12 (updated version).

Features that are partially updated in Manjaro Linux 17.1.12

  • Kernel 4.9 upgrade.
  • X.Org stack series upgrade to 1.19
  • Latest KDE Plasma 5, Applications, Framework and Qt
  • Package manager with graphical interface
  • Manjaro Tools and Profiles are improved

That is all for now. if you find the information useful & installed the Manjaro Linux then please write a comment to tell your personal experience. Thank You.


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