Mint Linux 18.3 Sylvia is Going to release on December 2017 – The new Base of Release is Ubuntu 16.04.3

Mint Linux 18.2 Sonya was released in June this year which was based on Ubuntu 16.04.02 LTS with many new & updated features. Now they have started the development of their next version i.e. Linux Mint 18.3.

Code Name for Linux Mint 18.3

The code name for the new version is Sylvia & the actual name is Mint Linux 18.3.

Linux Mint 18.3 Release Date –  Features of Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia in December 2017

The development of the Mint Linux have already started telling about the new features that are successfully imposed on the OS. The release date of new OS is not confirmed yet, but the experts are expecting it in the December 2017.
Hope you Know the base of new Linux Mint 18.3 is Ubuntu 16.04.3 base.

Linux Mint 18.3 features that have been implemented

Login screen, HybridSleep

There are lot of configuration options in the login screen of Mint Linux. This can be used to hide the user list & place the names manually. The Linux Mint Cinnamon Desktop supports Hybrid Sleep which supports Hibernation & sleep at the same time.

Mint Software Manager

The Software manager of Mint Linux 18.3 has some improvements to get more modern & polished. The application is now for GTK3 for HiDPi support , earlier it was based on Webkit. User Interface is based on GNOME software now, which is faster than before.

Mint Software Manager Mint 18.3
Mint Software Manager Mint 18.3

Window Progress

A Window progress bar has been added to the new OS which can be used to improve your efficiency. Using this you can change the window before a task gets complete. This is implemented using a C library called LibXApp.

Linux mint 18.3 progress bar
Linux mint 18.3 progress bar

Mint Backup Tool

This application is written again to improve some of the things in this. Now it can work without Root & it can backup your Home Directory. The backup is stored in tar archive & it can restore all your files exactly as before.

Linux mint 18.3 backup tool
Linux mint 18.3 backup tool

System Reports

The new version will also release a new tool called mintReport which helps to generate system reports & help to troubleshoot.

Other Improvements

Some applications like Upload Manager & Domain Blocker are not pre-installed here. These are to be downloaded from Mint Repositories.
Hope this will be released in December 2017.
This is something which we know about this new release. If you have anything to add or any feedback, then please provide a comment for the same. Thank You.

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