Parrot 3.10 is released & available with New Security Patches, Updates & other features

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Hello , friends,all of you who love Parrot Linux , I come up with a good news for you. Parrot Security OS has released a new version i.e. Parrot 3.10. This is the latest version of security oriented GNU / Linux distribution.Before reading this, you can see some useful articles of ours on Parrot OS

New Features in FrozenBox Parrot 3.10

FireJail AppArmor / Sandbox

It brings full firejaill + apparm or sand boxing system to proactively protect the OS by isolating the components with combination of different techniques.

This was experimented in Parrot 3.9 when it has firejail. The team mentioned that they took a period of one month of development in improvement of many profiles. AppArmor supports enough time to conduct all the tests.

New Firefox 57 (Quantum)

Parrot 3.10 has introduced the new Firefox 57 (Quantum) that landed on Parrot with complete browser restyle.

With the help of Italian Mozilla Community, the release of Firefox 57 with all the favorite plugins & custom profile was able to made.

Parrot Security OS has also joined the Mozilla Community with the common mission of protecting the internet and its users with privacy awareness campaigns and with resilient, free and effective self-defense tools.

Latest Linux 4.14 kernel in Parrot 3.10

Parrot 3.10 has introduced the latest Linux 4.14 kernel which helps to improve the features with improved hardware support.

Debian Updates in Parrot 3.10

All the  updates that were introduced by Debian are tested for parrot & released slowly in the stable branch after test were conducted. The new version has been delivered with all the latest updates with the new ISO. Parrot community release all the updates , security patches & latest Debian packages to the users who use Parrot in Live Mode.

New / Updated Tools in Parrot 3.10

The Pentesting tools receive important upstream updates

  • Metasploit Framework 4.21 version.
  • Maltegoce.
  • and Casefile that merges into a unique launcher provided by new Maltego 4.1.

According to the team, they have written in thier official blog ” That the project had faced many difficulties with maintenance of some tools which didn’t let us working on effective arsenal restyle & forced to stay on current development line. They also promised to release some new tools & programs that other community members have asked for.

Daily Use Light weight Programs in Parrot 3.10

There are some light-weight programs included for daily tasks for the users who uses Parrot as their main operating system. These are

  1. Todo list
  2. Planner program
  3. Personal finance management suite and,
  4. Mind map designer.

The team also told about the custom flavors for desktop environment & they didn’t worked as expected so they decided to postpone the release in near future to improve them. Some users asked parrot community to work on KDE Plasma, cinnamon and xfce,but it was not possible without the help of community to develop official derivatives without flaws.

They promised to include a new user friendly installer too in future versions of Parrot.

How to upgrade the Parrot System to Parrot 3.10

  1. open a terminal window
  2. and type the following command

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

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