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SBI e-learning – Gyanodaya

In today’s fast pace, it has become almost impossible for a person to keep up with the speed of rapid change in technology. It becomes, even more, harder if you are the employee of a bank where there is a change or update in the banking services every now and then.

These changes or updates are important to make online banking safe and more productive. Security features are updated and added in every update. There shouldn’t any complaints about the updates and changes in the banking service as it is for our own benefits and safety of our money. 

The problem with change or a new update is that there is no platform to learn about it. Thus, bank employees get frustrated and tired while doing their job. 

Keeping this in mind, SBI (State Bank of India) has launched a web portal called SBI E-learning – Gyanodaya. The aim of launching it is to keep the employees up to date about the changes or updates in banking services.

SBI e-learning – Gyanodaya

SBI e-learning – Gyanodaya is a free to access E-learning platform for every SBI employee. It is designed to educate SBI employees about the new changes and updates of the industry. A new module is added whenever there is an update in the industry. 

It is mandatory for every SBI employee to complete the module and get a certificate of that. Different modules are designed for different job roles. Every module consists of online registration on the E-learning platform and offline workshops. Offline workshops and seminars are introduced to provide on-job practical training about the new updates.

Employees can access E-learning – Gyanodaya at They can use their SBI HRMS login id and password to log in. HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is a web portal, every employee has an HRMS id and password assigned by HR.

E-learning – Gyanodaya is also very helpful to learn about HRMS better. Employees can also download their payslip with the help of HRMS. This learning platform is a great initiative taken by the SBI to improve the productivity of the employees.

SBI e-learning certificates

SBI E-learning certificate is a must for every employee to work in any branch of SBI. Along with that, there are many advantages to having a certificate related to a particular job role. Having a certificate helps a person to get a promotion. It also reflects that a person is skilled and trained to do a particular work.

There are two types of certificates.

  1. Internal Certificate:- Internal certificate is given by the staff of the bank. These types of certificates are for award staff. Award staff consists of employees who are called cash in charge and they are not at the office level. It is mandatory for them also to apply for a job-role based certificate. The process of internal certificate consists of online registration followed by offline workshops and seminars.
  2. External Certificate:- External Certificate is awarded by RBI. And it is for officer scale employees of scale 1 to scale 5. Unlike an internal certificate, it is not given by the staff of the bank. The process to apply for this certificate is the same as for any other certificate. First, the employee has to apply for module-based training online and then he has to attain offline workshops and seminars.
Employee LevelPromotional LevelCertification Required
Award StaffOfficer CadreCP – Associate Certification
Officers in Scale 1Scale 2RBI Mandated and External
Officers in Scale 2Scale 3RBI Mandated and External
Officers in Scale – 3/4/5Scale 4 and 5, Deputy ManagerRBI Mandated and External

To get any type of certificate and get promoted, an employee has to attain offline workshops and seminars and then appear for the exam. After the completion of the exam. Employees who obtain passing marks or more than passing marks get a certificate.

SBI eLearning Help Desk and Support

SBI E-learning is a great initiative by SBI to ensure that all its employees get a chance to update their knowledge. As most of the employees of SBI are old, they may find it difficult to get an E-learning certificate. SBI has also set up a help desk and support team to help them and other employees.

Any employee who wants to know more about E-learning – Gyanodaya can contact the support team. To contact the support team, an employee can send an e-mail at

Just send one e-mail and the help team will answer all your quarries.

With SBI E-learning – Gyanodaya, it has become easy for SBI employees to keep up with the fast-paced technology. This E-learning platform is not helpful only for employees to get promotions but also for SBI customers as well as they would get hassle-free banking services.

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