How to restrict children from irrelevant applications in Play store using Parental control

Everyone has one or more electronics gadget with them. Many of us who are using these gadgets & know the uses & misuses of technology have become parents now. Lean to  set content restriction Play Store

Set Content restriction Play Store

Now we have children’s in our home who are using our phones & tablets without knowing much about it. Kids are so eager to use these technology gadgets that sometimes they watch some irrelevant content which is not suitable for them.
Kids are so eager to use Play store to download the games to play that many times they start using the details of credit card. There are many points & power boosters that are purchased in lieu of money. This can be a huge loss to a parent who do not know about this.
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The problems described above can be solved by some simple steps. You can use parental control option given in the Play store.

Parental control in Play store

If you want to enable the Parental control in Play store then please follow the given steps below.

  1. Open your Play Store & click on the three lines in the upper left corner of Play store.
  2. Scroll down & select Settings.
  3. Scroll down again & click on Parental Control.
  4. parental control
    parental control
  5. Now this option is off by default.
  6. Click to open this option & a window will appear on the screen.
  7. Enter a Pin for the Parental control & enter it again for confirmation.
  8. This pin is used to restrict the type of content in Play store.
  9. Create a good pin so that your kid can’t guess it.
  10.  Now click on Set Content restriction play store.
  11. This will show you restriction for four age groups of children.
  12. Set Content restriction Play Store
    Set Content restriction Play Store
  13. These options are Rated for 3+ , 7+,12+ , 16+ & 18+.
  14. You can select any of these according to the age of your child.
  15. To restrict someone to use your banking transaction you need to use Require Authentication for purchases.
  16. This will show you three options i.e. “For all purchases”, Every 30 minutes & Never.
  17. Choose any of these options you like.
  18. Every time you will make a purchase you will asked for the password of your Gmail Account you associated with your Android phone.

Furthermore option is very helpful for those who give their phone to someone who is not so aware about this. This option will be helpful for your kids while they are playing games on the phone & some coins are asked to purchase.
Most noteworthy the parental control restricts the type of applications & ads shown. This feature also controls the access of content your kid is watching. There are many applications which are not relevant to the kid.
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