How much effort you need to setup a WordPress blog ? – Before Starting a WP Website

There may be many of you who are trying to set up a blog with your passion. If you are thinking about this then it is a good idea as your passion can be a good source of income for you. Now there are many technical aspects of Setting WordPress blog.

What to know before starting WordPress blog

Setting WordPress blog will be a beneficial choice for you. This article will provide you some information about the WordPress.
Technically, WordPress is content management system that uses PHP & MYSQL. It is a open source CMS that is used for bloggers & in many websites. Here we will only talk about setup for bloggers.
To set up a blog you need to have four things

  1. A Domain
  2. Web Hosting
  3. WordPress Theme
  4. SEO Tools

One by one I am going to describe all of them.

Domain for a New WordPress Blog

A Domain is not a very expensive thing but you must select a good domain that can tell the niche of your website. The name for the domain must be enough to tell someone about the type of information residing in it. The next thing you need to decide is whether the domain is for .com or .in or some other. All these domain have difference in the matter of audience you need. If your preferred audience is in India then you must select .in domain. If the audience is form all over the world then you can use .com domain.
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Web Hosting for a New WordPress Blog

After buying the suitable domain, you need a web Hosting plan. There are many plans for web hosting that you can buy from the hosting providers. I am not going to tell you any name but there are many hosting providers that can provide you good hosting in reasonable plans. You can buy any plan which is economical to you.

setting wordpress blog
setting wordpress blog

Now, the next part is to park your domain with your Hosting plan. May you don’t know about this? You can consult a good website builder that can help you with this. If you like you can also consult me for the same.

WordPress Theme

Now when you hosting is done & the famous five minutes installation of wordpress is complete then the next thing you need is a WordPress Theme.
A wordpress theme is also a very important aspect of your blog. There are many free themes that are available in your WordPress market for free. You can select from any of those & apply to your blog. Another possibility is to purchase a theme for your blog. If you have decided to buy a theme then you must do a good research for the same before investing.

SEO Tools

There are many SEO tools that are used by a blogger to optimize your blog among the readers. The competition for the blog is much high. You need to learn SEO for your blog. The right knowledge for SEO will make you popular in the rising competition.
First of all you need to write quality article for your blog which will make your website popular among the readers on the Internet.
There are many tools for SEO that will help you for the same. Some of them which are popular are Yoast SEO, Sitemap builder.
After all these things are setup, you can start with your first article on the Internet. Till then the article is done. I will be back with a new article. Happy blogging.
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