How to convert an android device to satelite phone – iPhone X Satellite Phone

Convert SmartPhone to Satellite Phone using thuraya Satsleeve+ for Android and I-phone also called cheap satellite phone.
In this article we are going to tell you about a instrument that can Convert Smartphone Satellite Phone. You can buy this from the link given.

Convert Smartphone Satellite Phone – Thuraya Satsleeve+ I-phone

You must have wondered to have a satellite phone with you. The thought came to the mind of those who has a signal problem in the locality. In this article we are talking about a product that can convert Smartphone Satellite Phone

Convert Smartphone Satellite Phone
Convert Smartphone Satellite Phone

Thuraya Satsleeve Plus – Thuraya Satsleeve for Android

This product is not a big thing in terms of size. This is just a mobile case which can turn your phone to a satellite phone. The thing you need is Thuraya SatSleeve. This is shape of mobile case where you can slide your phone & after that your simple phone will be satellite phone.

Thuraya Satsleeve review & price

After using this Satsleeve, your phone will not just be able to make calls & messages but also be using some satellite options like e-mail, web browsing.
The cost of calling with a satellite phone is very high. One phone call can cost you multiple dollars. Cost of every phone call is calculated on how far you are from ground towers. In the case of emergency, the cost is not so much if it helps you.

Types of Satsleeve

Satsleeve comes in three variations

  1. For Android: It is especially for the android users like Samsung galaxy. The case will fit in the phone to convert it into satellite phone.
  2. For I-Phone :This adapted will be used for I-phone 5s /5 & 6/6s , 4/4s made available by thuraya services.
  3. Universal: – Satsleeve+ will be used for various android & I-phone devices.

In the SatSleeve adapter there will be a a battery which will enhance the battery life of your phone. There is a solar charger in it. These two features makes it more usable in the remote locations. The device can be used in any location to make phone calls & send messages.
The cost of SatSleeve is $499 which is quite expensive but the uses of this device is more than this. If you find the product useful then you can buy it from here.
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