Track Email, Facebook, Mobile number of Stranger using these Methods

Many people on Internet are hiding their Identity under a false name or number. You can find the name of that person & their real Identity. Using these tricks you can find a person & know who he is. These tricks will work with someone who is not much aware about the technology. Here you can learn to Track Email Facebook Mobile number.

Track Email Facebook Mobile number

If the person behind is a Tech pro guy then these tricks will no work. Such professional guy are able to use anonymity tools that let them hide their identity. Since we don not know about anything the person what type he is. We can use the tools to find the person & let us know.
I suggest you if the person is just having some fun with you , then its OK, but if the person is threatening you then you must report him to the police . Then the cyber cell of Police will track him & check his intentions behind his activities.
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Track Email Facebook Mobile number
Track Email Facebook Mobile number

Tracking by Email Address :

Tracking an e-mail Id is quite easy than tracking a Facebook Id. The tracking system of E-mail Id is invented after the E-mail Id was invented. The tracking system of E-mail Id has now got better than before. You can track someone by just tracking using these sites.
These websites will ask some information & provide you the identity of Email Owner. The best thing of this website it can bypass the anonymity tool.

Tracking by Facebook Id

Facebook is one of the hotspot for stalkers. Many people annoy you by messaging you, posting on your wall. You can block them but they they will come again with new fake profile. You can track these people & find out their IP address & taught them a lesson.
This process has two different parts i.e. Finding the IP address & Tracking the IP Address.

Finding the IP address

To find someone’s IP address in a Windows PC you can use command prompt. I expect you know about command prompt. You just have to engage the person in a chat & talk to him a little bit.
Next you can execute the netstat -an command & find the IP address that is listening to you. If you find too many IP addresses then you have to close the other Internet tasks like downloading & other browser tabs. Then you will be able to know about the IP address of the stalker.
Note down the IP addresses that you find suspicious.

Tracking the IP Address.

As you get the IP Address , you can trace it with the help of these websites given below.
All these websites are very easy to use & provides you the location of the IP address holder.

Tracking by Mobile Number

To track a cell number , you can use the true caller that contains all the ID of the cell numbers that are being used. You just have to enter the number in the website & it will provide you the holder of that  cell number.
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