Ubuntu 17.10 New Features – Check new feature like New Ubuntu Dock , Application Indicator & Trash Can icon

The desktop team of Ubuntu is busy in making the final transition of GNOME shell & improving the end user experience. To bring something better in the both, the developer team has added a new Ubuntu Dock & support for the Indicator Applets. The desktop of Ubuntu 17.10 also comes with the trash shortcut icon.

Ubuntu 17.10 New Features are here after User’s Survey

The code name of Ubuntu 17.10 will be released in 19, October 2017. In June , Ubuntu desktop team experimented with a GNOME shell extension to check the use of some extensions. This results in some changes that can be seen by many users.
Here I am going to tell you some of the new changes coming to Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark release. So if you are Linux fan & Ubuntu is a favourite of yours, then read the details below to know the visible changes here.

New Features in Ubuntu 17.10

New Ubuntu Dock

A survey of more than 12,000 users who were asked to scale the use of Dash to dock in a scale of 1 to 5. Dash to Dock is a very popular dock extension used for GNOME Shell.ubuntu 17.10
This new Ubunti Dock is available & installed by default in Ubuntu 17.10 daily builds. It is a light fork of Dash to Dock extension. The changes that are made in the original extension are the removed settings of UI. Some of these setting are still customizable in GNOME Control Center.

Application Indicator or Indicator applets

Ubuntu 17.10 New Features are
Ubuntu 17.10 New Features are

One feature is the useful Top icons Plus. With the new extension, the system icons could find a place for them in the topn bar.
There is another forked extension named KStatus Notifier Item / App Indicator Support (Source). This extension will be able to use the indicator applets.

Window button to right & Trash Can icon on desktop

The window controls of  Ubuntu 17.10 has a new position & it prefers the majority of users in the survey we told you above.
Another changes accepted by the users are in the form of new Trash icon in desktop by default. This is also done to be look better as it will have a Trash icon in the new Ubuntu.
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