UP Police Salary 2021-22 Pay Slip – Uttar Pradesh Constable Payslip

up police salary

UP Police Salary 2021-22 & Pay Scale is updated here. Uttar Pradesh Constable, Sipahi, Sub Inspector Payslip with grade pay plus allowances

This article is written for the UP Police salary details. Those who want to download the UP Police Salary slip.

The details can be seen from the official website of UP Police i.e. Uttar Pradesh Police Nominal Roll System (UPPNRS). If you want to see all the details of UP Police Salary, then you have to follow the steps given here. You can get the salary slip of UP Police online in less time.

The online process to check the UP Police Salary Slip is been given here. This method can help you download the UP Police payslip online for further process. The salary slip of UP Police personnel is available online. The online payslip and other UPPNRS is seen after the personal identification. This unique ID is given to all the UP Police employees.

The steps given here are to be followed to download the salary slip. Follow the steps to get your work done.

UP Police Pay Slip – Nominal Roll System (UPP Pay Slip)

Using this online portal, you can check the UP Police salary details. UPPNRS stands for Uttar Pradesh Police Nominal Roll System.

The official website of UPPNRS is You can check your monthly pay slip by entering the Personal ID number, month and year of pay slip.

How To Download UPP Pay Slip – Uttar Pradesh Police Salary Slip (Constable, Sub-Inspector, & Inspector)

  1. Open the official website o UPPNRS i.e.
  2. Click on the salary slip page and enter your personal ID no. After you have entered the number, you can enter the Month & Year of salary slip.
  3. After you have filled the details, you can click the Show report button.
  4. The salary slip will be given on the screen.
  5. Take a print out of the slip and also save it in your device.

UP Police Salary Structure 2021-22 | Pay Slip, Salary Slip, Pay Scale

The monthly salary of UP Police can be seen from the various factors.

  • Basic Pay
  • Allowances
  • Gross Salary
  • Deduction and Net Salary.

Now you can see the details from here.

UP Police Salary 2021-22

DesignationPay Scale (₹)Grade Pay (₹)7th Grade Pay (₹)Gross Salary (₹)
Constable5,020 – 20,2002,0007,20060,600
Head Constable5,020 – 20,2002,4009,40015,600 – 60,600
Sub Inspector9,300 – 34,8004,20013,50027,900 – 1,04,400
Assistant Sub Inspector5,200 – 20,2002,80010,40060,600
Inspector9,300 – 34,8004,60013,80027,900 – 1,04,400
Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP)15,600 – 39,1005,40016,20046,800 – 1,17,300
Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP)15,600 – 39,1007,60019,800046,800 – 1,17,300
Additional Commissioner of Police (Addl. CP)37,400 – 67,0008,90035,0002,25,000
Deputy Inspector General (DIG)30,0002,01,000
Inspector General (IG)37,400 – 67,00035,0001,12,000 – 2,01,000
Additional Director General (ADG)2,05,400

UP Police Salary useful Terms

  • Basic Pay :- The base of your salary i.e. minimum salary. This is the minimum you will get under any consequences. The service period of yours always gives you salary more than that. It increases as you get promotion or higher rank.
  • Allowances:- Other benefits given by the organization to the employee.

The income slip of UP Police is including with many allowances. These allowances are given by the State police to facilitate the employees. The credibility of allowances is dependent on various factors. This can be a place of posting and inflation etc.

  • Gross Salary:- The sum of basic pay, allowances and other amounts is called gross salary. It increases or decreases with the allowances and other benefits.
  • Deduction:- A portion of your salary is taken by the govt for your various future events. This money is helpful for the employees in the future. These are PF, Income Tax and loans. This deduction is made on gross salary every month.
  • Net Pay: This is your cash in hand money you got finally. This amount is given after deduction in gross salary.


Abbreviations used in UP Police Salary

There are many terms that need to know when you are reading a salary slip. These terms can be confusing for the first time, but soon will be known to you.

These terms are given to you. If you don’t understand the well, just read again. These are

  • Pay
  • Allowances
  • Deductions
  • Insurance
  • Interest and some other benefits.

These terms are divided into many other parts. The details are given.

  1. Basic pay
  2. Special Pay
  3. Personal Pay
  4. Net Pay
  5. Allowances
  6. House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  7. City Conveyance Allowance (CCA)
  8. Kit Maintains Allowance (KMA)
  9. Special Work Allowance (SW_A)
  10. Hill Allowance (HILL)
  11. Bilingual Allowance (BLA)
  12. Physical Handicap Allowance (PHND_A)
  13. Medal Allowance (MED_A)
  14. Convenience Allowance (CON_A)
  15. Border Allowance (BODR_A)
  16. Computer Allowance (COM_A)
  17. Training Allowance (TRG_A)
  18. Other Allowance (OTH_A)
  20. Vehicle Deduction (VE_DED)
  21. Mis. Deduction (MISSED)
  22. Income Tax (I_T)

About UP Police

UP police salary slip has been shown to you. The salary has been decided by the Govt of UP. This is also dependent on the various duties which are granted to the employee.

The role of the UP Police is based on the various activities which are being made in the state. The Police work to maintain the peace and harmony of the state. There are many times when the UP State Police works with other armed forces to contribute to the National Security.

The main responsibility of UP Police are

  • Maintain peace and order in the jurisdiction
  • Controls crime in the state.
  • Secures the VIP personals in the area

UP Police is one of the biggest police force in the world. The registered number of employees in UP Police is 20 crores. So you know that the number of vacancies is very huge as compared to others.

3 lac vacancies are provided every year by the UP Police. The recruitment is done in the following recruitment centers i.e.

  • Agra,
  • Prayagraj
  • Bareilly
  • Gorakhpur
  • Kanpur
  • Lucknow
  • Meerut and Varanasi.

The employees in UP Police for males and females are nearly equal. Nowadays, the police have recruited a good number of female officers. The most female recruitment is done in posts like Constable, Head-Constable and sub-constable.

These posts are promoted to Sub Inspectors in a few years. If you want to be an employee in UP Police, then you can check more of our recruitment news about UP Police.

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