Use your pen Drive to Lock & Unlock Your Windows PC

Use your pendrive to lock your PC

Locking your Computer with passwords is a very common practice in Windows. If you find this old & insecure then we are going to provide you a method to use your pen drive lock for your Windows PC.

Use Pen Drive Lock for Your PC

This article will let you know about a new method to lock your PC. This will let you lock & unlock your PC without any password. This method will need a pen drive that will act an a key for your PC. This can be a very cool way for you just like a secret agent in movies.
Anybody who is not having the pen drive can’t use the computer. The computer will displaya message “Acess denied”  for them. This will be done by installing a software called predator in your Computer.

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Steps to use Pen Drive Lock in PC

Follow these steps to do use your pen drive for Windows PC.

  • Download Predator from the given link & install it on your PC.
  • Plugin your pen drive, your data will be as it is after this so stay calm.
  • As your pen drive will be inserted, it will ask you for the password, enter a password & click OK.
  • In the preference window, choose a new & unique password. Now this password will be a backup if the pen drive is lost or damaged.
  • You can also Turn on the option that will ask you for the password every time you will insert the pen drive.
  • Now select the pen drive which you want to make the key(IN case multiple pen drives are inserted).
  • Now close predator, click the icon to start it again. Now if it turns green, then it is active.
  • Every 30 seconds, it will check the pen drive plugged in. It is not there then it will lock down the computer.

Some Bonus Tips

  1. To pause Predator, you can open it from task bar & click Pause Monitoring.
  2. You can see the view log to check who has tried on open your PC on which time.
  3. Predator’s official website has some more amazing sosftware which clciks the photos of person who tries to open the PC without USB.

The only disadvantage of using this software is your PC’s one USB port will be always engaged.

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That’s all for now. If you find the information useful share it with your friends & comment here to let us know.

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