How to Chat with a person Who Blocked You on Whatsapp in Canada – Send Message on WhatsApp If Blocked

Today I am going to tell you about Whatsapp Blocking Features. Sometimes a person Blocks you on Whatsapp & you are not able to chat with them. But if you read this article you will be able to know how you can chat with a person on Whatsapp Who already blocked you.
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What to do if blocked on Whatsapp

We have some other tricks for Whatsapp user. The link for the other tricks are given here.

How to Send Message on WhatsApp If Blocked

I don’t have any interest in knowing who & how you are blocked by your Freind, girlfriend, Boyfriend or someone else. But if you are reading this then you can talk to them after you use the tricks written below.
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How to Know you are blocked on Whatsapp

So , if you are blocked on Whatsapp by someone there are some indications which you can work with

  • You can’t see the profile picture of that contact.
  • As you send them a message , you won’t be able to see double tick on the message.(The message will never be delivered on that person)
Send Message on WhatsApp If Blocked
Send Message on WhatsApp If Blocked

How to Contact with the person Who Blocked you on Whatsapp

There are basically two methods to do this. Both the methods are full proffed for anyone living anywhere regardless of any phone he / she uses.

First Method to Send Message on WhatsApp If Blocked

  1. It is very simple , you just need to ask one of friend to make a Whatsapp Group where he will add your & your contact who blocked you.
  2. After the group & adding both of you is done , your messages & your contact who blocked you can see the messages from each other.You can leave messages to each other in the group.
  3. This one is very easy but you need someone else in the process.

Second Method to Send Message on WhatsApp If Blocked

This method do not need any third person.

  1. Buy a New SIM Card & use it login to your Whatsapp Messenger.
  2. After the new SIM is activated , you can re-install Whatsapp & login with your new number. Add the contact who blocked you & Boom you are done.
  3. Now you can see the profile picture of that person, message them & do whatever Whatsapp Offers you to do like Voice call , Video Call etc.

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