Use your Smartphone as Wireless Mouse in 2017

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This article will tell you one use of your old smartphone. Your old smartphone can be used a wireless Mouse & miniature keyboard for your PC. Read this article up to the end so that you will be able to know the whole process.

Use your Smartphone as a Wireless Mouse

Suppose you are using your PC from a distance while you are laying on your bed. You want to turn off your PC but don’t want to get up & do the same. Now this can be done very easily if you have a wireless mouse.
This article will tell you how you can use a smartphone like a mouse & keyboard to control your computer. You just need an app which you need to install in your PC & phone. This app will let you use your phone as a mouse & keyboard.
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Use Mouse Server for Wireless Mouse

First of all you need to open Play Store in your smartphone. In case you have a IPhone go to app store & download Mouse server.

Wireless Mouse
Wireless Mouse

  • After you have downloaded the app from Play store or App store (In case of I-phone).
  • Now your phone & computer must be connected to same Wi-Fi network.
  • After this open your Computer & open this link & download the application for your PC.
  • Now install the application in your PC.
  • After the application will be installed you have to configure all the setting in the app.
  • The application will ask you to enter the IP Address of your PC to mobile.
  • After the settings are complete you can use your Phone as Mouse & keyboard one at a time.

May be you are thinking that the smartphone cannot do all the things done by your mouse. But if you will learn to use it then you will realize that your smartphone will be able to all things for you. You can even play games with this.
This app has many other features like wireless joystick & some other devices. If you want to use those features then you have to become the premium member for this. In other words you need to pay a fixed amount to them for using these features.
In my opinion, normal person do not need these features. The free version is enough for anyone who just want to use his or her computer.
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