Hide Your IP , Go Anonymous & Access Blocked sites

This article will tell you some methods to hide your IP & access block websites without losing your sensitive information to anyone.

How to Access block websites

Internet has now become as important as the three basic necessities of life. There are so many things which are impossible without internet. Some of them are social networking, online payment & digital media sharing.
The advantage of using Internet is unlimited so as its disadvantage. There are many things which are banned by the government & other authorities. Government bans many favorite websites due to their own reasons.
Some website like Facebook & Twitter (Social networking) are banned in the offices while some are banned by the government. Country like china has banned Facebook from their country.
There are many popular tools or sites which allow you to use your favorite websites though them but the log maintained by the authority will show all the activities you did.

access block websites
access block websites

VPN services

Some of these services may also provide you a hideout from the authorities but then the issue of safety will come along. There are many issues with them. First we don’t know the sources of these tools. Secondly hackers can hack your personal information anytime.
All these problems can be sort out by VPN. A VPN is a secure network which lets you access your desired website & assure you about your security.
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There are many VPN services popular for the same. Some of them are HMA, 123proxy & Liquid VPN.
Some of the top features of these VPN services are

  • You will stay anonymous if the connection breaks.
  • Service like DNS leak will not allow to leak your data.
  • Provides you network statistics about the data transfer & control.
  • Connection is established in less than a second.
  •  Firewalls are installed to secure you from any malware.

This small introduction of the VPN service has given you enough information about how you can use your favourite blocked websites without compromising with your personal information. There are many other services provided to the VPN user who is using the services. Using Liquid VPN you can also scramble your IP in various locations & you will never be found on the Internet. These service let you create a secure connection while using Internet & let you stay anonymous on the web.
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