You never knew your smartphone can do these things for you

Did you ever realised the power of a smartphone ever. A smartphone functions many things for you. The features & uses of smartphone makes our life easier than it was before. But now in this article, we will provide you some uses of a smartphone functions that you never thought before.

Smartphone functions you never Knew

A smartphone is now not just a phones but you can do many numerous things with it. Here are ten uses we are listing for you.

Control your Lights bulbs

Download Cree’s Connected LED Lightbulb download from the link . This app will provide you the control of your lights. You can set a timer for the bulbs if you are going out & want them to light for a little while after you gone.
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Lock / Unlock your car

Many people are not so aware when they put their car keys at home. In the morning when they are unable to find it, then it becomes so inconvenient. You can lock & unlock a car with your smartphone. The app will let you control your car’s alarm by voice instruction. Download it from here Viper SmartKey.

Accept payment via credit cards

The digital world has changed the conventional payment method via smartphones. The app called Square Register lets you send & receive payments from the credit card for you. The authorization through digital signature made by the sender on the smartphone. The digital signature prevent online frauds too.

Smartphone Functions
Smartphone Functions

Heart Rate Checker

Now you don’t need to buy an external device for the medical help. To monitor your heart rate you can download Instant Heart Rate app to your smartphone. You just need to touch your finger on the camera lens and a detailed report will be displayed on the screen.

Thermal Camera

Thermal Cameras were used in armed forces during war. Earlier it was used only by army, now you can buy this device for your smartphone. The device needs to attach on your smartphone’s camera & the thermal images will be shown on your screen.

Is your TV remote working?

Yes your phone’s camera can tell you whether your remote is working or not. If you put your IR remote sensor in front of your phone’s camera then your camera will show a purple -white light on the screen & show your remote is working.

Click a picture & find Information

Using Google Goggles app, you can click the picture of an object & the app will find out the information related to it.

Digitise your Old photo Negatives

Camera has negative effects. This feature can be exploited to digitize your old photo negatives & find out the pictures which are inside a negative, the result will not be so satisfying but still you can get a good image.

Shows map on your car’s Windshield

If you are driving in the dark then download Hudway and place your phone on the dashboard. A map will be shown on your windshield & will help you to drive in the dark road.


If you put a drop of water on the camera lens & watch things through it, the screen will show you a little magnified images in the screen. The water drop will act as a lens in the camera & let it focuses more than before.
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