ADGPI (Additional Directorate General of Public Information Indian Army)

If you are not much aware about the Indian Army ADGPI, then this article will provide you all the details about ADGPI.

ADGPI Full Form

ADGPI Stands for Additional Directorate General of Public Information. Below are written some of the roles and responsibility of ADGPI Indian Army.

It deals with the Public Relation (PR) activities, Media Relations and Monitoring, Info release, Publicity, Image Projection and Perception Management (PM).

A very prominent role of ADGPI is to establish conditions which gains confidence with Army to conduct peace in the time of war. An officer rank i.e. Major General heads the Additional Directorate with the assistance of Deputy Director General.

The Directorate is divided into two sections i.e. Media relations” and “Information operations” respectively.

Responsibilities of ADGPI (Additional Directorate General of Public Information)

  1. Responsible for creating Reputation & social persona of Indian Army
  2. Forms Indian Army’s PR & PM Policies.
  3. Managing the perception conduct in both times i.e. Peace & War.
  4. Updates to the important issues with COAS, VCOAS, DGMI & DGMO.
  5. It is a Media and Perception Management advisor to the COAS.
  6. ADGPI is an Spokesman for operation related matters.
  7. Maintenence of Indian Army Website and Social handles.
  8. Manages the social media accounts for the followers.
  9. Implements Army PR & PM Policies and directives.
  10. Staying active on Cyber & Main stream media.
  11. Issues the various reports like press releases, status report / updates and rebuttals / rejoinders appearing in the mass media.
  12. Communicates with Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Home Affairs to create new perception about management policies.
  13. Works with GOC (C Commands).
  14. It represents Indian Army with various Ministeries in the purpose of perception management.
  15. Does interaction with the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting to implements the campaign & perception policies.

ADGPI Indian Army Salary

The salary of ADGPI is same as the major General of Indian Army. Pay band is PB-4/37400-67000. And Grade pay is 10,000.

How to join ADGPI

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