How to use SD card in Android phone as Adoptable storage

Many of us uses a memory card in our smartphone because of less memory. But if someone stoles your memory card then your data can be seen & leaked. Here we will describe a method by which your memory card will act as a  adoptable storage & can’t be read in other devices.

Android installs all the apps in the internal memory. And if we install an app in SD card then it becomes a dump. But if there is no space in internal storage then we can adopt your SD card to behave like an internal storage.

Adoptable Storage

Adoptable storage is a very useful option in Android that will help you to solve space problem. Like if your phone’s internal storage is short for apps, then you can use a SD card as internal storage.
Google has introduced this feature in Marshmallow of Adoptable storage. But this is not as easy to implement.

Things to Consider before you try

While using an adoptable storage in android device like SD card or USB storage many things are there you need to know. The file system of SD card & USB drive is FAT32 or exFAT format. It needs to be converted to ext4 or f2fs. This adoptable storage looks useful to us but there are some disadvantage also.

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SD cards are slow 

SD cards are too slower than the internal storage. The read write cycle of SD card is slow . And internal storage is used for frequent write & read operation. So if used a ow quality SD card then it will be degraded soon.
There is no benchmarking for SD card in Android devices which can tell you which SD card gonna perform well with your phone.

How to use SD card in Android phone as Adoptable storage
How to use SD card in Android phone as Adoptable storage

Your Android will make it Private

Your phone will adopt the SD card as internal storage. To make it an internal storage Android will encrypt it with its device key . This device key will be stored in the internal storage of phone. Now this SD card is not for use in any other device.
Although you can use another SD card in your phone as before but the Apps installed in your adopted SD card will not be available. But you should not remove your adopted SD card without unmounting it.

Not every App is for adoptable SD card

Like you install any of the apps you like , but in the case may be you will not be able to install. Because the app developed can restrict his app to be installed in adoptable storage.

How to use SD card as adoptable storage in Android 

The process to use SD card as adoptable storage is easy. Just format your SD card before doing it & back your data in some other device.
Many phones which have marshmallow or higher version of Android do not have the option of adoptable storage. This can be done by command line forcefully. But before you can do some thing like that , lets know about the standard method.

Steps to make Adoptable SD card

  • Insert your SD card & wait till it gets detected.
  • Now open Settings > Storage.
  • Tap on your SD card.
  • Now tap on the three dots on your top right corner & click on Storage Settings.
  • Select Format as internal.
  • Now it will ask your confirmation to erase your SD card.
  • If your SD card is slower than the standard then a message will be shown to you.
  • If you want to make it adoptable , then click OK.
  • Now you migrate your data to SD card Now or later.
  • Click done to finish the process.

After the format is complete you are able to use your SD card as the internal storage. Do not remove the SD card before using eject option. If you do this many errors will flash on your screen.

How to make SD card portable 

  1. Open Settings > Storage > SD card.
  2. Click on three dots & there will be some option.
  3. Tap on Format as Portable.
  4. Click on confirmation message & after few seconds your SD card will be formatted.

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