Aikyashree Scholarship: Application Process, Eligibility 2020-21 @

Aikyashree Scholarship
Aikyashree Scholarship
Aikyashree Scholarship

Aikyashree Scholarship, read Application Process, Eligibility and other details here with more 2020-21 @

All the progress that has happened in the world is due to education. Those nations which have worked hard and have given importance to education are now leading the world.

In this modern age, most of the minority communities in India are having financial problems and are unable to complete their studies. The West Bengal Minorities Department and Financial Corporation (WBMDFC) has launched different scholarship programs by realizing the importance of education.

Aikyashree Scholarship 2020

The Aikyashree Scholarship 2020 has been introduced by the West Bengal Minorities Department and Financial Corporation (WBMDFC) in West Bengal. This scheme has been started to provide financial support to talented students. This scholarship will boost education in minority background areas.

The students who play an important role in the progress of the nation have been encouraged through this scholarship scheme.

The purpose of Aikyashree Scholarship 2020 is to cope with education and socio-economic challenges that have become an alarming problem in West Bengal. Through this program, the students who are unable to progress in the modern era due to financial crises have been encouraged to improve their living standards. The talented students from class 1 to Ph.D. can register for a number of Aikyashree Scholarship 2020

The first and foremost goal of these programs is to develop importance of Education in the people living in background areas. These WBMDFC Aikyashree schemes encourage people to send their children to schools and colleges and discourage dropouts. This Scholarship Program has opened new ways for students who are seeking higher education. The students looking for higher studies can also benefit from WBMDFC Aikyashree Scholarship 2020 programs.

Types of Aikyashree Scholarships

WBMFDC offers following Aikyashree Scholarships in the Aikyashree Scholarship Scheme 2020

  • Pre Matric Scholarship
  • Post Matric Scholarship
  • Talent Support Scholarship
  • Merit cum Means Scholarship
  • Swami Vivekananda Merit cum Means Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate who is a permanent citizen of West Bengal and those who have secured a minimum of 50 percent marks in the previous examination are eligible for Pre Matric Scholarship if they are studying in anyone the class between class 1 to class X.

The minority students from class X1 to Ph.D. can avail WBMDFC Post Matric Scholarship if they have secured a minimum 50 percent of marks in their earlier examination and their family income is not more than 2 lakhs.

The WBMFDC Merit Cum Means Scholarship is for those candidates who are studying Technical/Professional (engineering, medical, management, law, CA, etc) education. The candidate can avail of this scholarship if the candidate has secured at least 50 percent marks in the Higher Secondary / Graduation Examination. Moreover, the annual revenue of the candidate must be less than 2.5 lakhs.

The Talent Support Scholarship is for those who are pursuing education from class X1 to Ph.d. These candidates need to be permanent citizen of West Bengal and these candidates must have secured at least 50 percent marks in their previous examination. Their maximum family income should not exceed 2 lakhs.

Swami Vivekananda Merit Cum Means Scholarship is for those minority students who are in class X1 to Postgraduate in Regular Course. The candidate requires to be a permanent citizen of West Bengal and total earnings from the household shall be 2.5 lakhs.

Online Application Procedure

  1. Visit the official website
  2. On the above of the portal, go to the New Registration Section.
  3. Choose your district name and fill all the details required to register.
  4. Submit and print the form after successfully filling Application Form.
  5. Go to the “Students Login” section, enter your username and password and track your Aikyashree Scholarship 2020 Application status.

Last Date to Apply

The candidates are required to fill the Application form before the last date. The eligible students can apply for Aikyashree Scholarship 2020 program before 16th September 2020. After this date, no new Application Forms will be accepted.

The rates of Stipend of WBMFDC Aikyashree Scholarship 2020 for different categories will be different.

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