Almond Milk Health Benefits, Side Effects, and FAQ

Almond Milk is an energy drink with fewer calories and more nutrition. This drink does not have milk but is made by grinding almonds and mixing with water. After this mixture is filtered, it looks like milk. This is because it is named Almond Milk. 

Drinking this almond milk has many benefits to health. It helps you provide Vitamins, Calcium & Riboflavin.  Many people are fond of it because of its taste and some drink for health.  

This article is written to provide you with more health benefits of drinking Almond Milk.

Almond Milk
Almond Milk

What is Almond Milk

Almond milk is made by mixing almonds and water. This milk is a plant-based milk which is creamy and nutty.  

Almond Milk is used as a substitute for dairy milk. Dairy milk is a good source of calcium & vitamins. Almonds are closely related to dairy milk and are used for a healthy supply of nutrients. 

Almond milk is a very useful drink for those who have a milk allergy. Almond milk helps them to fulfill the nutritional needs of the body provided by dairy milk. 

Nutrition Facts

One serving of Almond Milk contains of 

  1. 42 calories 
  2. 4 gm of fat
  3. Protein 1 Gram
  4. Fiber 1 gram
  5. Vitamins & Minerals 

Buying and Preparing Almond Milk

Almond Milk is made by a domestic process. Grinded almonds are added to water and extracted with all the nutrients in them. This is simple and homemade almond milk commonly prepared at home. 


Almond milk which is found in markets is made with an industrial process. Plus it is added with additional nutrients to make it healthier. Some flavors are added to add some taste to it like vanilla, chocolate, or plain. 

Health Benefits of Almonds

Prevent Cancer

Almond milk is a good source of food that can reduce the risk of potential cancers in the body. MUFA (Mono-unsaturated fatty acid) helps reduce the endometrial cancer that is present in almond milk.  

MUFA also helps reduce liver cancer and some breast cancer. Almonds are called the best cancer-fighting food according to the International Journal of Cancer and Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. 

Slows Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer’s has no cure till date, but eating food with more Vitamin E can slow the symptoms up to 50%. 

Alzheimer’s is a neurological disease that is caused by a deficiency of Vitamin E. Almond milk helps in balancing the amount of vitamins and helps in slowing the process of Alzheimer’s. 

Alzheimer’s is a disease where the neural pathways of the brain start diminishing which results in memory loss. It nourishes the brain and helps in retaining memory for a longer time. 

Fights Free Radical Damage and Disease Formation

Almond milk provides Vitamin E that helps in Alzheimer but it is also a powerful antioxidant which helps in fighting free radicals. Free radicals in the body cause damage to healthy cells and fasten the aging process. 

Free radicals are formed in the body due to poor diet, pollution. Almonds provide enough Vitamins in the body to fight free radicals and eradicate the diseases and keep your skin healthy that slows the aging process.  

Strong Teeth and Bones

Dairy based milk like cow milk or goat milk does not fulfill the Vitamin D need. Almond milk is filled with Vitamin D. It helps your bones and helps in retaining calcium to stay strong in adulthood. 

Due to MUFA, it helps in increasing the absorption level of the body for calcium intake and increases mineral density in female mice.   

Barely impacts your blood sugar

Almond milk has less carbs that are responsible for blood sugar change. It reduces the risk of diabetes. Also the glycemic index is low for almond milk, the sugar in it is not stored as fat.  

Reduces Blood Pressure

Almond milk has all the minerals and vitamins that are needed for the body as compared to soya milk. Vitamin D is needed for the blood veins to contract and expand freely. The expansion and contraction is needed for free flow of blood.

Poor movement of blood or blockage can be seen as high BP after some time. People who do not consume milk products can be seen with deficiency of Vitamin D.   

No Lactose

Many people have an intolerant stomach when digesting the lactose in cow’s milk. Almond milk has no such complications as a substitute of Dairy’s milk.  

Improves Kidney Health

Almond milk is the source of many Vitamins & minerals but not in excess. So this helps the kidney to function properly as this does not happen in the case of soya products.  

People who are suffering from acute kidney conditions are advised to reduce the consumption of high minerals food items. Almond milk is helpful in reducing or balancing the levels of potassium in the body. 

Improves Vision

Almond Milk provides vitamin A to the body which is helpful in eye vision. In the modern lifestyle, the use of smartphones, TV & mobile phones has increased too much. This slowly affects our eye vision and it can be weak over the years. Basically Vitamin A provides enough nutrients in the eyes and ciliary muscles to stay healthy for a longer time. 

Boosts Immunity

Almond Milk maintains the immune system. Our immune system is made up of white blood cells that helps in keeping all the disease causing microbes away. 

Almond milk provides more nutrients to strengthen the immune system to fight steadily with the diseases.

Side Effects of Almond Milk 


If you are having thyroid imbalance, then almond milk can provide you harm instead of any health benefit. The goitrogenic toxins inside the almond trigger the thyroid problem. So either avoid almond milk or take in less quantity. 

Almond Milk FAQs

Is Almond Milk a Dairy Product ?

Almond milk isn’t a dairy product. It is a plant-based nutrient which is used by people who are allergic to dairy milk

What are symptoms of Milk Allergy ?

This type of allergy is very rare. The symptoms of Milk Allergy are difficulty in breathing, unconsciousness and red spots on the skin that can be itchy.

How many calories are present in almond milk?

A single cup of almond milk has 40 calories. Sweetened almond milk has more calories than the unsweetened version. 

How many carbohydrates are present in almond milk?

Almonds in a single cup have 2 grams of carbs. Carbohydrates are energy based minerals that he;lps in digestion. 

Is almond milk fattening?

Almond milk is very low fat that does not provide any fat in the body. A single is only having 3 grams of fat and 40 calories which is low as compared to other food. Drinking it daily won’t be adding weight to your appetite.   

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