The Need for Apps to Improve Transparency in Commissioning Projects

Technology has made  life significantly easier . Project management is now a lot simpler than in the past due to  the incorporation of user-friendly commissioning tools . Apart from accuracy and improved results, they reduce the workload for the project managers. There is  a plethora of options to choose when it comes to such software and apps.
The use of these tools like a commissioning app enhances  transparency in the project – from beginning to end. They ensure  every stakeholder stays on the same page and receives updates from  the milestones in real time.

Commissioning  Includes the Early Phases

Commissioning  does not start at the end of the main project, as many people think. It  starts early in the project. An excellent app has options to feed the necessary data in these early stages. Some use  project models to integrate the data of the early stages with that of the later phases.

This way, both the commissioning managers and  other team members will be in a position to assess the risks and make rational decisions concerning the project. This level of transparency is hard to achieve by  any other means.

They Integrate Other Stakeholders

Projects will all have many stakeholders who play a role in its success. This means that they all need to be constantly updated on the project news . Most commissioning apps allow  stakeholders to access the data when admin shares the details. Some update the data to all parties in real time, while others allow access only to certain data.
Either way, people in other departments involved with  the project will not have to ask or send for reports that they need. These apps are usually compatible with different operating systems and software,  like Windows, Android and iOS. This means that no one is left behind and everyone can be kept in the loop.

They Are Available on the Go

Technology is amazing! Project managers and owners do not have to be on  site to know what is happening. Their colleagues will use the provided apps to upload data, images and videos of the project, which will be accessible to all . Most  apps are usually online to support real-time of commissioning projects.

It does not matter which part of the world you are in. The most important thing is to have Internet on the go. With  current connectivity levels, even trains and airplanes have Internet access. The managers can communicate with the owners even while on the go and still be in the loop .


There is  no doubt that commissioning apps increase the transparency of the project. The above highlights prove that this is the case. Most commissioning managers are rolling out this technology to make things easier  for themselves and their team members. When choosing which app to use, take your time; it’s important to check if it has all the features that you need for maximum transparency.

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