Learn Ping of Death Attack using Command prompt & Notepad for Educational Purpose

Ping of death is one of the common attack on server for the beginners. If you like to know about it. Read the whole process.Ping command is based on ICMP.

Ping of death attack tutorial

Ping command is used by most of us for checking the Internet connection & the speed of Internet. Have you ever think that it could be used to perform denial of service attack. If you use the ping with a larger packet, then the buffer of the server will be full soon & the system will crash. This is called ping of death.

Ping of Death O Que é  – Ping of death Source Code

You must be very excited to know the trick of making a server down.If you could use ping command in such away that could invoke the server in denial of service. This can be done by increasing the packet size of ping. The general size of packet is 56 bytes of 84 bytes, but if you want to increase the size than you can do it by increasing it to the biggest i.e. 65536 bytes.
This bigger size of packet can be very harmful to a server. This will be a malformed ping which results in a type of attack what we call ping of death. Ping generally provides us the three headers that are size of packet, time elapsed & time to live. The size of packet is 32 , 56 or 84 bytes, Time elapsed is based on the server response & time to live is mostly 58 milli-seconds. As the size of packet can be altered up to 65536 bytes ,which could led to some serious issues.

What is Ping of Death ?

First of all we should know what ping is. Technically speaking , ping is a basic Internet program designed to check a system’s IP Address whether it exists or not. After it is confirmed that it exists than you can verify if it accept requests or not. Ping sends a echo requests to the server machine & waits until the server reply it with the same packet.In the whole process, ping calculates the connectivity & the response time that it will take.

Ping is the acronym for the Packet Internet or Inter-Network Groper. This term is taken from the submariners who work with the return sound pulse from the sea & calculate the depth of sea.Ping is a command which is programmed in every platform i.e. windows or Linux.

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Every computer has a limit to handle the data packets. If the data packets are larger than the fixed size, then it will split the packet into fragments of the smaller packets. These fragments will be stored in the buffer.
Every fragment is of 8 octets. When these packets are reassembled by the target machine, they are needed to reassemble. As the reassemble process completes the buffer overflow happens & the security to the server becomes more vulnerable than before. Now you can  inject a Trojan horse into it
Warning: The trick is described only for educational purposes. You can use it to learn something but don’t use it to do any harm.

How to perform Ping of Death

Now follow the steps to perform the whole trick.

  • Click to open a new notepad file.
  • Copy the code in notepad.

ping <IP Address> -l 65500 -w 1 -n 1
goto :loop

  • Here in the <IP Address> must be replaced with an IP Address.
  • Save the file with abc.txt.
  • Now go to the location & rename the file as abc.txt to abc.bat.
  • The extension .bat is a windows batch file.
  • Now open the file & you will see many pings are going on to the target machine.

This process may not work on systems .If you have tried the trick on your system then please reply me with a comment of your experience. We will share some more tricks with you in the near future. Thank you.

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