Backbox Linux Version 5 review – The new updated Backbox v5 Hacking Tools for Pen Testers

As you know we bring the information of Newly released Linux based Distros. Today we are her to talk about an Ubuntu based hacking & penetration testing Operating system. You must have some pre information about this i.e. BackBox linux review.

BackBox 5 Linux Review

The development team of Backbox has developed it after 7 months of research. There are various changes made in it that includes Kernel 4.8 , new hacking tools with a new logo.
In most of the websites who talk about Linux & pen testing Operating system Kali Linux & Parros Security OS comes on top. There is one more OS that comes on the list with them i.e. Backbox Linux.

BackBox 5 Linux Review
BackBox 5 Linux Review

What is new in BackBox 5

Backbox was previously released on December 2016. Soon after the release Backbox 4.7 was improved with some bug fixes updated Kernel, base system & tools. The release of Backbox linux 5 was aimed to provide a better product that users can experience. The Backbox 5 is now released to fulfil the promise given last year.
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The Team of Backbox has proudly announced the release of Backbox v5. The developers have told that it took long time & development to achieve the product quality. The also told they have worked too hard for this.

Backbox Linux v5 Tools

Backbox Linux v5 Tools
Backbox Linux v5 Tools

As it was expected , Backbox will remove the outdated hacking tools & replace them with the new tools. Here is the list of all these changes.

  1. Updated Linux kernel 4.8
  2. Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS base
  3. Xfce 4.12 desktop environment
  4. LibreOffice
  5. Firefox 54.0
  6. Thunderbird 52.2.1
  7. New BackBox logo and identity
  8. All hacking tools updated

BackBox 5 Linux System requirements

The minimum requirement to run Backbox v5 on your machine are 1 GB RAM & 10 GB storage.

BackBox 5 Linux Download

You can download the ISO from the link given below. The size of image is 2.2 GB size.
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