Intel Kills Arduino 101 DIY Maker Board Family Of Raspberry Pi Rivaling DIY Tinker Boards

Intel has planned to cut the market of two more products after the successful release of Joule , Edison & Galileo. Intel has announced the discontinuing Intel Curie module & Arduino 101 manufacturing. The orders for the products can be made before September 17, 2017. The online support will also be given after September 17, 2017.

Intel Arduino 101 PCN 115582-00 Product Discontinuance

In June, Intel has announced that they are leaving their three computing modules i.e. Joule, Edison, and Galileo. There are no reasons announced for the same. The reason which we could understand is to compete with the popular Raspberry Pi. Now Intel has taken its foot back from the market.

Intel Kills Arduino 101 due to unknown reasons

The announcement made in the community forum of Intel. They clearly told about the end of Intel Curie Module. With te same, the also added to stop the manufacture of Arduino Board 101 that is powered by Intel Curie Modules.

Intel Arduino 101 PCN 115582-00 Product Discontinuance
Intel Arduino 101 PCN 115582-00 Product Discontinuance

The official announcement told them that the orders of Arduino board will be taken up to September 17, 2017, and will complete the orders by December 17, 2017.

Arduino 101 Continues till June 2020

Now the support for the products will be made available for September 17 , 2017. After the date , these resources will be available on the open source platforms which will be available until June 15, 2020. So the open source offers the support documentation on GitHub.
This step by Intel made clear to the makers to give up the hardware development from Intel. Intel is asking for developers to take over the manufacturers for the Arduino 101 production. As Intel lacks for the public documentation, developers are discouraged for accepting the offer. Intel’s lack of public documentation that discouraged certain developers from trying out these offerings.
This decision was made due to the increasing popularity of AMD. The reason could be something else, but many of us will miss Arduino 101 and Intel Curie.
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