Best Tech Internship 2018 – Companies for internship computer science for College Students

Internship in a company is mostly considered with an unpaid job where the intern is just doing some unusual jobs in the company without being paid by the company. This could be true in some industries but not in the Silicon Valley.

Best companies to intern for software engineering internships

This article will provide you some details about the Top Companies in US who compete to acquire the young talent in the company. The list below will also provide the names of those companies who pay highest to their interns.
Intern do get even get the money for there expenses in the companies , but these top companies get higher than than many experienced people in the industry. The intern payment goes more than $ 6000 per month by the company.

Best companies to intern for software engineering internships
Best companies to intern for software engineering internships

Top 10 companies that offer internships for college students

This article is based on the data provided by the Glassdoor which you all know is a site to review employees.
The figures provided in the post is based on the last two years of companies given by Glassdoor. The salary written is based on the US conversions into pounds. The amount paid in other countries will be different in respect to the other countries.

Microsoft: $7,000/month (£5,600)

Everyone must have guessed this name in the list. According to an Intern’s experience he told about his great summer , great office , location & coworkers, evrything was awesome. And the product they made was interesting & had a purpose.

Nest: $6,773/month (£5,400)

The experience of a Nest Employee described the smart workers with people interested in product & mission of the company. He compared Google with a lot of pressure in Finance & Profitability. The relationship with the company was not so great as compared to Nest.

Uber: $6,730/month (£5,400)

Uber turns there excitement in terms of weekly all-hands meetings with Travis fielding questions. The company’s culture is strong & unique in terms of size. There ideas were winning.

Groupon: $6,667/month (£5,300)

The company works with great culture , friendly environment & established workflow & industry practice. It is also called no longer sexy because of its old industry practices.

Google: $6,600/month (£5,300)

A Google Intern get a project & a lot of freedom in the working of the same project. Additional work was also given to the intern as the training goes on. No team & team member role s given to the person . In some aspects Google is very secretive.

Yahoo: $6,333/month (£5,100)

The Intern told about good payment & benefits. Also marked the fun he did at the internship. The statement aslo provide the mention about the Yummy Food , friendly environment of people to work with pace , people work hard, but not too intensive.

Twitter: $6,333/month (£5,100)

Twitter inters are well programmed , you will get a top on your project from the first day. As compared to Google , this mid sized company looks better & has more opportunity for you to grow.

Expedia: $6,333/month (£5,100)

The company is good in culture with strong sense of belonging & work life balance. The co-workers are way too friendly. The work is Expedia is distributed as given to all which tends to showcase less creativity in everyday work.

Apple: $6,333/month (£5,100)

The interns experiences smart colleagues with good money & decent hours. Subsidy on Food cafe & company events & concerts. The work is tough sometimes & intense scruitny of work. The parking lots are full on main campus.

Dropbox: $8,500/month (£6,800)

The Mentor & team mates cares a lot about you. They gave a kot of money to me while working. The Food was good , actually excellent.

Pinterest: $8,125/month (£6,500)

The employees in Pinterest are very dedicated , happy , inspired & satisfied. The Interns are treated well & great efforts are done to increase diversity.
Facebook: $8,000/month (£6,400)
Lots of good things to say about Facebook: I’ve worked at other Bay Area tech companies, and Facebook culture and management is really up there. Extremely open culture helps cultivate functional relationships between managers and employees, unity in understanding what the end goal we’re working towards is, and huge ownership and responsibility of owned projects. Product directly affect the lives of millions of people everyday, and the company makes sure employees are taken care of (especially interns!). Company has good prospects, and the vision statements and culture strongly manifest themselves in how the company is run, and how products are made.

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