BSF Salary Structure With Rank Hierarchy & Grade Pay & Pay Band, Allowances Explained


BSF Per Month Salary Slip with Chart rank wise, Structure, Table for All ranks | Grade Pay & Pay Band, Allowances Explained, 7th Pay Commission. 

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BSF is a para military Force which aims to Guard India Border by invaders & other unethical people. This is done for the whole year during peace & war times. BSF is named as the world largest Border Guarding Force.

BSF Jawan SI Contable Salaries 2021 for All Posts

Are You Willing to Join BSF?

Every year , BSF provides various notifications to the candidates to join the BSF as a soldier or Officer. There are thousands of applications which come for a particular notification every year. Everyone has their own reason to join BSF.

Why Join BSF ?

There are some reasons which can motivate you in Joining BSF

  • A BSF Soldier is a respectful job.
  • You will be a central government Employee that means Job Security.
  • There are various other benefits & allowances that you will get in BSF.

If you are willing to join BSF , then you have to apply for it. There are multiple phases that you need to clear before you start preparing for it. To clear an exam, you need to know more & more about it. Those students who doesn’t get the job as they don’t have sufficient information about the exam & other phases of selection.

After reading this article you will be able to know the following points.

  • How much a Soldier get i.e. Monthly Salary.
  • How do you get promotion.

After clearing all these answers you will be able to prepare for the exams.So if you are here to gather the information about the salary structure, then you can continue reading this article. As you are going to join BSF, then these questions must have clicked in your mind. So in the next para , we will be talking about the salary structure of BSF.

BSF Rank Wise Salary & Grade Pay (7th Pay Commission)

Joining BSF is an easy task. There is no scarcity of young people who are desperate for joining the BSF. But only those who comes with firm wishes retain themselves in the Force. You just don’t need to be mentally strong but also physically strong to stay in BSF. There are many candidates who gives up in the training. Only your strengths , perseverance & determination will help to achieve your goal. So if you are trying to join BSF, then you start acquiring these skills to perform  bettter than others.

So before we start talking about the salry structure of BSF, there are some basic terms that you should know before you which will make you clear on more things.

These are

  • grade pay
  • pay band
  • basic pay

What is a Pay Band in BSF ?

The pay Band is the range of salary that is given per month. There are total eighteen pay scales which decides your Basic Pay. As you join in , your salary is based on the lowest level & increases every year & changes to the next level. The increment in basic pay is made on the basis of 3% per year.

What is a Basic Pay in BSF ?

The Basic Pay is the amount paid to the employees without adding or cutting any bonus , allowances or Overtime. This applies when a person joins in the BSF & a pay scale is given on which the starting salary is calculated. The basic salary increases every year & it is remained fixed.

The other explanation of Basic pay is the sum of Grade Pay & the Pay Band.

What is a Grade Pay in BSF ?

Grade pay is decided on the basis of the category of the soldier. As the Government has classified the number of employees in various classes. According to this classification a Grade pay is allotted to the category of employee. The Sum of Basic pay & Grade Pay calculates dearness Allowances & other allowances.

As all the terms have been described properly, you can easily understand about the salary structure.

There is a simple hierarchy that will explain you the rank structure of the BSF.

Classification of Rank In BSF

The rank in BSF is basically divided into two categories

  • Gazetted Officer
  • Non Gazetted Officer

Gazetted Officer in BSF

This is represented from points. The first one is the lowest & the last one is the highest.

  • Assistant Commandant
  • Deputy Commandant
  • Second-in-Command
  • Commandant
  • Deputy Inspector General
  • Inspector General
  • Additional Director General
  • Special Director General
  • Director General

Non Gazetted Officers in BSF

  1. Constable
  2. Head Constable
  3. Assistant Sub Inspector
  4. Sub Inspector
  5. Inspector
  6. Subedar Major

Indian BSF Salary Structure / Pay Scale 2021

The Pay Scale for a BSF employee can vary in terms of rank & other aspects. There are so many ranks that shows a major difference between the salary of a Soldier & Director General. Now you know that the salary is based on the various ranks that work in BSF.

The ranks which we have told about earlier are to be taken reference to understand about the salary structure.

After the 7th Pay commission has been enforced in the salary structure, all the BSF employees will get the benefit of this posts. With the 7th Pay commission, the employees will get so many increments & other allowances. This will also help them to get better allowances for salaries & pension allowances. All this has been done with the implementation of 7th Pay Commisson.

This table will provide you the details of Salary of all the ranks.

Note :- The data of salary can be a little different from the actual, as there are so many allowances & other services that make up your whole salary. So do not get this data wrong. This data has been prepared with the most usual conditions.

Rank Pay Band Grade Pay Cash in hand (in ₹ Approx.)
Director General Apex scale
Spl Director General PB-4 (37400-67000) 12000 105000
Addl Director General PB-4 (37400-67000) 12000 105000
Inspector General PB-4 (37400-67000) 10000 95000
Deputy Inspector General PB-4 (37400-67000) 8900 85000
Commandant PB-4 (37400-67000) 8700 82000
Second-in-Command PB-3 (15600-39100) 7600 73000
Deputy Commandant PB-3 (15600-39100) 6600 65000
Assistant Commandant PB-3 (15600-39100) 5400 52000
Subedar Major PB-2 (9300-34800 ) 4800 45000
Inspector PB-2 (9300-34800 ) 4600 40000
Sub-Inspector PB-2 (9300-34800 ) 4200 35000
Asstt Sub Inspector PB-1 (5200-20200 ) 2800 31000
Head Constable PB-1 (5200-20200 ) 2400 27000
Constable PB-1 (5200-20200 ) 2000 23000
Enrolled Follower PB-IS (4440- 7440 ) 1300 18000

There are may cases where a person does not get a promotion & spends more year with the same rank but gets better salary. This happens with the increment that it gets every year on his basic pay & this leads to better money without the promotion.

How to get Promotion In BSF

The ranks are already described in the above section. The two types of Ranks are Gazetted & Non Gazetted officers. The promotion policies for both type of ranks work differently.

BSF Promotion Policy

Promotions in Non Gazetted Officers like Constable to Head Constable & Head Constable to Inspector is based on the merit.

The merit is of the pre-written test that is conducted for the officer. The merit list decides which one to choose for the promotion & which for not. Talking about the exam, the exams are of qualifying nature & the this exam helps a constable to promoted to the next level. The process of promotion is same from the Head Constable to the Sub Inspector.

Before you Appear in BSF Departmental Written Test for Promotion

There are some criteria to appear in the written test.

  • The minimum service period in the particular post.
  • As a constable, 8 years of service is necessary to appear in the written exam of Head Constable.
  • In case of Gazetted Officer, the person does not need to appear in the written exam, but there are some other criteria which you have to fulfil.

So these are some of the principles which apply to determining the salary of a rank. The other section told you about the promotion process of a rank. This will definitely clear many of your doubts. If you think this helps you please leave a comment for us. Your feedback is always welcome.  For more information visit us @


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