What is Ethical Hacking Full Online Course Explained Step by Step

What is ethical hacking full explained ?.

This article is dedicated to those who wants to know about the ethical hacking. There are many misconceptions related to hacking. I will try to remove them & provide you a pathway for the beginners so that you will be able to learn the hacking techniques & news related to it.

Ethical Hacking Online Course

Hacking is one of the misunderstood terms in the technical world. Most of us think that hacking is done by bad guys to steal someones data & harm them in the way they could. As the word hacking comes to our mind, we thought about the bank frauds & online thefts, but this is one face of hacking. This type of hacking comes under the black hat hacking. The other one is ethical hacking which we are going to discuss now. Read the whole article to know more.

Types of Hacking Practices –  Type of Computer Hack 

Hacking is not limited to the illegal things which most of the movies has told us. There are three types pf hacking i.e. black hat hacking , grey hat hacking & white hat hacking.

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How many Type of Hackers exists in Network Security

  1. Black hat hacking :- These type of hackers are of criminal nature. These hackers use their skills to harm people for their personal benefit. This type of hacking practices are not recommended to anyone. Ultimately these people are called cyber criminals. If they are caught doing so, they are punished as per the law.
  2. Grey hat hacking :- Grey hat hackers are those type of hackers who sometimes do some illegal activities just like black hat hackers but they do not harm others . They just do these activities for fun & learning purpose.
  3. White hat hacking :- White hat hackers breach the network security in order to check the vulnerability of the networks. These type of testing is known as penetration testing.These people are hired in the companies to secure the network from the illegal activities.

Learn ethical hacking Free step by step 

This little information abut the world of hacking is enough for the beginners. If you want to learn ethical hacking , we are going to tell you some of the online ways to learn ethical hacking. We are here to provide some names of the websites which will help you learn the basics of ethical hacking.

Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking

  1. HACKADAY :- This is one of the most popular website that provides tutorials. It has a youtube channel for the same, which provides many hacks for hardware & software.It provides learning material for networking , hardware , signals etc.
  2. EVILZONE FORUM :- This is a discussion forum where you need to register & experts will provide you the advice for the doubts you have about hacking.
  3. HackThisSite (HTS) :- HTS is a website which provides challenge to the user which helps him/her to check their abilities . It updates the user with the latest news about hacking & technology.
  4. Break the security : – The website provides various news about technology. In addition it provides many other certification to the users.
  5. EC- Council CEH Ethical Hacking Course :-  The full form for the organisation is The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants. Various certifications are provided by them. It is a professional certification body especially in hacking courses.
  6. Cybrary :- With the help of visual education , this website can helps you to become a top professional hacker.

These websites are seas of knowledge if you are ready to go for the information. If you really want to be a professional ethical hacker you can go for any of them. If you have any question related to any hacking terms , then you can ask me in the comment box that will help you to know more about it. Thank you.

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