Do I own My Facebook Photos Completely – Are all the Facebook Photos are Owned by me ?

Many of us may have thought about all the photos that we have uploaded on Facebook are owned by whom. Is it the person who have created or Facebook where it is uploaded.
The answers of your doubt is written here in this article. Actually you are the sole owner of your Facebook photos. But this is not the need of your doubt.  Facebook has enforced some license terms in the to avoid any type of legal complications.
So here we will provide you all the information about how the images on Facebook belongs to you or not.

Do I Own My Facebook Photos? – Can Facebook Sell my Photos

Here we are going to tell the legal point of view about the pictures that people generally upload on Facebook. Facebook has prepared all the legal polices for the same.
Anyone who spends his time in creating a picture wont wish to slip the ownership into some other hands. The mightiest question will be “Do I Own My Facebook Photos,”.
Here we will provide you the facts with all the information necessary to understands.

Does Facebook actually own the images I upload on the social network?

In simple word I would say that they do not own your Photos. It is because the copyright laws do not work like this.

  • If you have clicked a picture from your Camera , then it belongs to you.
  • All the rules are written i the Polices for creating a service page, you can read them while you work.
  • You are the owner of all the content & information that you post on Facebook & it is your wish how it should be shared by using the privacy & application settings.
  • The content is covered by Intellectual property rights with photos & videos.
  • You provide Facebook a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook.
  • The license known as IP license ends when your delete the content or your account from which your content was shared & they have not deleted it.
  • As you delete the IP content , it is deleted from Facebook as you delete data from your PC. The data is saved as backup for a short period but deleted after some time.

What rights does Facebook have over the photos I have uploaded?

HowToGeek has gone through all the Facebook terms & service. After the study they concluded that Facebook will get a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license’ to your photos.

Do I Own My Facebook Photos? - Can Facebook Sell my Photos
Do I Own My Facebook Photos? – Can Facebook Sell my Photos

This means that they have an ownership of the photos, but the ownership will stay up to the date the photo is not deleted.
This means that Facebook has a royalty free worldwide license with your photos which means that Facebook can use your pics in how much they fit with. You can’t ask them to pay anything if you are offended to the actions. You have no rights to pull them in court which helps you to pay any money to you as allowance.

Transferable’ and ‘sub-licensable’?

That was understandable, but what about transferable and ‘sub-licensable. This means that Facebook can transfer the license to another entity or sub license it to some one. This can also be done by with your permission.

Non- Exclusive License

This means you can post the photos to any other social media site & there will be no problem by Facebook in any way. These photos can be shared on any other media sites like Twitter, Linkedin or Snapchat.

Why has Facebook imposed these terms? Are they evil?

If there were no rules in Facebook Photos as they are then there would be so many conflicts about copyrights.
There could be license disputes between both parties & there will be so many ardous trips to court.

How can I take better control of my Facebook photos and data?

You can control the people to view your photos by using the privacy settings. You can restrict the people from seeing your photos & download them. You can use the privacy & tweak options.
You are owner on what you want to upload but Facebook is still able to use them according to their policies.
After reading do not keep in mind that Facebook will never use your photos in any unethical ways, so do not keep it in mind. They are working in good profitable condition & they do not need to do any thing like this. There are various privacy setting that you can use to restrict the access to your pictures.
So that’s all. Here we are done. If you have more to add or you want to ask any doubts then please write a comment here, we will help you knowing this Thank you.

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